Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Time for Revolution is Now

More and more people are slowly waking up to reality from their ignorant slumber, from their self-indulgence, from a life that is just an meaningless alternation between work and play, from the "American Dream" force fed into our minds through mass media, the commercial music industry, the motherfucking bandwagon of money worship, the fear of straying from the herd, and so on.. but are we too late? Is the world too late to be saved?

Saved from what, you might ask. If you don't see that there is something seriously wrong with this world, then you are a part of the problem, but that can be fixed. Educate yourself. You can never claim to know the truth about any subject unless you have researched it yourself. Do not just take someone else's word for it. Do not judge based upon preconceived notions. That is the epitome of ignorance. You might think politics is bullshit or whatever, but it will fuck you over in the end if you don't pay attention, and we are nearing that end.

But I will elaborate. The problem not just one thing that can be fixed simply by going voting for Obama; he is a part of the problem as well. The problem is the bipartisan government that we now have, when both major political parties are just two sides of the same fucking coin. Remember when George W. Bush promised minimal foreign involvement when he ran for president in 2000? Of course you fucking don't. Remember when there were no WMDs in Iraq? Of course you fucking don't. Or maybe you just don't care. And now the gears of the US propaganda machine, for example Faux News, CNN, all the mass media, are churning once more, attempting to sway public opinion into supporting war with Iran, and the same motherfucking ignorant people are falling for it again. For those of us who are awake we ask, do people not remember? Are people really that fucking dumb?

The answer is no, the people are not dumb. They are just ignorant. They have been deprived of the ability to think for themselves, indoctrinated by a school system that promotes cohesion over individuality, group expression rather than self expression, a music industry that promotes the dream of becoming a pop star, a rap star, a gangster, "young money millionaire", famous, instant success and so on, all bullshit to distract you from what is really important in life, and promoting groupthink. If you go on myspace music, you will find that about 90% of the people on there are 14 year old kids trying to make the newschool hip-hop beats that all fucking sound the same, trying to be the next Soulja Boy. But they will never fucking make it, because they all sound the same. Commercial hip-hop has taken away all the meaning and expression behind REAL hip-hop, which has been forced underground, that actually has a message (power to the people) and therefore a reason to exist beyond merely entertainment. These same ideas are promoted on television through shows like anything on MTV, reality TV, American Idol, or whatever "Idol" show that you watch, whatever dance competition show that you watch, and while you are watching this, you may be entertained, but there is no fucking substance ok? And all this bullshit has made the masses more and more ignorant to the actually important aspects of life. You would think that the mass communications technologies that we have today would be used to enlighten the world, to spread knowledge, but NO, it is used to spread bullshit that numbs the mind and influences this generation of youth to aspire to be superstars, pop stars, and "gangsters". Ignorant little kids who think they are thug because they hustled a little bit of money by ripping of some other suburban kids over an ounce of weed. Ignorant little kids who think they can be that next big rapper or that next big producer, but all they rap about is money, drugs, and bitches, and all they produce is the same sounding shit. Ignorant little kids who aspire to be that next American Idol, that next American model, that next big dancer, trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Ignorant little kids aspiring to make tons of money via some profession that they're not even interested in. And everyone is overlooking what is truly important in life, knowledge.

But we are not too late, as people still have the concept of freedom, albeit an ill-conceived one. We are not really free, my friends, and as long as the ignorant masses are the majority, we will never be. When barely 50% of the people vote, and when 80% of those people vote based on "hot issues" that are entirely irrelevant to the true problems that plague the world (i.e. the religious affiliation of the candidate), who do you really think is in control? It is the people who own the propaganda machines such as News Corp who are in control, because they control your reality. They control your reality because you get your reality from their television programs, their music, their news. They brainwashed you to think that their fucking non-objectively based money system is the end all to existence and is the only system that can work. They brainwashed you into thinking money is the most important thing in your lives. They brainwashed you into wasting your precious little time as an observer of this universe on material shit that means nothing in the end. They brainwashed you into believing in a system where the laws protect the rich and steal from the poor. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Money cannot be the purpose to our existence, as money is a human creation, especially money that is not based upon objective standards, money that can be created with the stroke of pen. Knowledge is where true power lies. They are winning by means of mass manipulation. But you cannot be manipulated if you know the truth. Who will sign up to fight the pointless war in Iraq if they knew what they were actually fighting for? Find out the real reason they want to attack Iran. Wake the fuck up and educate yourselves, because if not you will be fucked over in the end. And the end is really fucking nigh. We cannot allow their world government to be established, but it is already nearly too late.
If you want to learn about how this world really works but do not know where to look, I will suggest that you start with researching the following term: Bilderberg.

But remember, in the information war, there is a lot of disinformation, and it is up to you to distinguish the credible from the bullshit. Be sure to always check your sources. Of course, I can only show you the entrance to the rabbit hole, and it is up to you to find out how deep it goes. But I will let you know this right off - it gets real fucking deep.

This revolution will not be of guns, blood, and violence, but of the mind. Rise up above race and class. Rise up for not for yourself but for your fellow man. Rise up today because the time for revolution is now, while the internet is still free, while we, the people, still have an accessible tool for mass communication.

The time is now, people. Educate yourselves. Spread the motherfucking word. Viva la RevoluciĆ³n.


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