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New World Order #2: The Mystery Schools Part 1 - Basics

Like before, if you read anything that seems unbelievable, I urge you to look it up and do a bit of research. Also, feel free to comment on or negate any claims that I make.

In ancient times there were secret societies of unknown origin in all parts of the world. They were/are called the Mystery Schools. Mystery Schools were basically religious cults that protected sacred knowledge and one had to become an initiate to partake in that knowledge. Seekers of this knowledge are initiated into the Mysteries through a series of symbolic rites. Then, they begin their journey towards "illumination" by being taught the symbolism of the Mysteries. Those who made it to the upper levels of the Mysteries are called Adepts and the masses of the people are referred to as the Profane. The Mystery Schools still thrive today, and their symbols are everywhere.

There are usually three degrees of initiation [though this depends on the School, but is usually three], and each degree would take many years of devotion to accomplish. The symbols of the Mystery School would be taught to the initiates, but it would not be until they had reached the highest levels that they would be bestowed the true teachings of the Mystery School. From this comes the term "mystic," or one who is versed in the Mysteries. Most of the great ancient philosophers were initiates of the Mystery Schools. These Mysteries of ancient times rather than contended with mainstream religions were actually complementary, and taught the inner symbolic meanings of the gods that the masses worshiped.

The Mystery Schools existed everywhere, from the Brahman School of India, to the Egyptian Mysteries, to the Chaldeans, the Greeks, Eleusinians, the Eastern Schools, the Babylonians, and so on. The Mystery System even existed in the cultures of the Amerindians. In fact, even Christianity began as a Mystery School [Christian Mysticism, such as the Gnostics]. Though there are many Mystery Schools all over the world, their teachings were fundamentally very similar [I will explain why in part 2].

The religion of the Mystery Schools is astrotheology and the worship of the natural. The main object of their worship was the Sun, the Light of the World, the Giver of Life. The unfathomable state of existence is called the Absolute, or "God". The Sun is considered an emblem of God's love, in that all life on Earth depended upon the Sun. The Sun, often referred to as "the Risen Savior", rose every morning and vanquished the cold and the darkness.

The most important thing to the Mystery Schools is symbolism. The Symbol is a powerful force. Everything we know is in terms of symbols. For example, words and language are all symbols. The Mystery Schools held symbolism to be the best way to convey their knowledge, for contained within a seemingly simple icon is immense amounts of meaning which only the initiated would have knowledge of [because they are taught].

For example, we can take a look at a familiar symbol, the six sided star.

This symbol nowadays is commonly known as the Star of David. It is also considered a Jewish symbol. However, there is no evidence that shows this symbol to be of Jewish origin. In fact, the traditional symbol of the Jews was the Menorah [which has it's own sacred meaning], but the 'Star of David' was more so imposed on the Jews during the Medieval period to identify them for persecution. In fact, it only became popular as a Jewish symbol in the past 200 years [which is very recent, historically speaking], especially after having been adopted as the symbol of the flag of Israel.

The true name of the symbol is the Double Interlaced Triangle of Solomon, or the Seal of Solomon [it is also the sign of Vishnu, a god of GENERATION]. To show the depth of Mystery School symbolism, I will broadly describe its meaning.

There was never a real "King Solomon." The word Solomon is to be broken down into three parts, Sol, meaning SUN in latin, Om, a sacred word in Hindu/Buddhist/Vedic traditions also meaning the SUN, and On, which is the ancient Egyptian word for their city of the SUN (also known as Heliopolis). The symbol is consisting of two equilateral triangles, one pointed up, and the other pointed down. The triangle pointing up represents FIRE and the MALE principle [dominant, control, make things happen, etc.]. The triangle pointing down represents WATER and the FEMALE principle [submissive, spontaneous, let things happen, etc]. Thus we say, men are from MARS [FIRE] and women are from VENUS [WATER].

The two triangles together form a SIX sided star. The number SIX is extremely important to the Mystery Schools, who held it to be the number of MANIFESTATION or GENERATION. This is because SIX is the number of sides of a cube [the Sacred Geometrical figure of FOUNDATION], SIX is the number of fundamental forces [to the ancients], SIX is the only number in which it's factors are three consecutive numbers [the first three numbers!] which add up to itself [6=1x2x3=1+2+3=6]. In the Bible, God takes SIX days to create the world, and creates man on the SIXTH day. Even today we use the word "sex" to describe the GENERATIVE act.

Thus, the Seal of Solomon is a symbol of the SUN and it's GENERATIVE powers. The bonding of male and female is not meant literally as in sex but metaphorically to represent the universal principle of DUALITY as well as the androgynous nature of the Absolute/Creator [both male and female, fire and water, everything and nothing]. To the Mystery Schools, gender is a quality of imperfection, as by definition, each gender is lacking in something that the other has. In order to create life, it is reasoned that the Creator must have both male and female properties. Anyway, this can go on and on as we can delve into the intricacies of the symbol [it also represents ETERNITY], so for all points and purposes, just know that it is a symbol of the SUN and it's GENERATIVE powers.

It is adopted as the symbol of the flag of Israel to symbolize the power of the Cult of the SUN [Mystery School] and the GENERATION of a New World Order. Note that I am not saying that Jewish people are taking over the world or anything like that, but rather the Jewish people are being used by those who are, unknowingly. The nation of Israel is the planting of the seed to disrupt the Old Arabic Order. I will go into this in detail in a later installment. Please know that I am not an anti-semite, but the Illuminati [the Adepts of the Mystery Schools] likes to hide from criticism behind the shield of anti-anti-semitism. Obviously, this symbol is not limited to Israel. You will find this symbol on the Great Seal of the US as well, and if you pay attention, you will begin to see it in a lot of unexpected places [especially those that relate to the secret societies].

What does it spell? MASON!

Anyway, that was to show just how deep the meaning behind a symbol as seemingly simple as a hexagram can be. The purpose of this part 1 is to offer a general understanding of the Mystery Schools.

All of the Mystery Schools also taught of an ancient progenitor society that we now know as Atlantis from which all of their teachings [as well as high human civilization/culture] originated. It is a society of extremely high culture that transmuted other cultures that came in contact with it. It existed in what the ancients referred to as ancient times, meaning that it was ancient even to them. Atlantis was described to be a place where its inhabitants knew the use of "magic" which some interpret as "high technology". However, their misuse of "magic" was the cause of their downfall, and the city/island/continent of Atlantis was destroyed suddenly in a great deluge, and much of its knowledge and culture was lost. The Mystery Schools believe that they are the preservers of the Atlantean tradition and that the Mystery system originated in Atlantis. They believe Atlantis to be a Utopia and that it is their duty to establish the New Atlantis. This is referred to as the Great Work.

Part two will mainly deal with Atlantis and the New Atlantis.

some further readings/sources, if you would like to research:,M1

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New World Order #1: Does It Exist?

I think I will now write everything in series for easy browsing and understanding, rather than spewing forth a bunch of information that is probably very confusing and incredible to the reader who is not already versed in such information. Each part will build upon the previous, as none of these subjects can be easily explained in a paragraph, or a page, or even in a book.

I urge you to temporarily suspend all of your preconceived beliefs, and read these words with an open mind. Of course, do not take my word for it, you must do your own research. If you read something and think, "wow that can't be true", please, look it up rather than dismiss it. I will only present to you the evidence, the DOTS, and my interpretation of how they CONNECT. Seriously, don't take my word as gospel or anything, you must do your own research!

With this, I will begin part one of the New World Order series.

The goal of this first installment in the New World Order series is to establish that the New World Order does exist, at least in idea, to the rulers of the world.

What is the New World Order? It is a drastic reorganization of world socio-political structure into a One World Government, with a One World Economy, and a One World Religion.

The following are just a few prominent world leaders who speak of bringing about a New World Order.

We'll start with Hitler.
Hitler dreamed of creating a New World Order. Unfortunately, I am having trouble finding his speeches, other than this compilation, entitled, My New Order, ISBN 0-374-93918-7. Even still, I am having trouble finding the texts. However, just know this: Hitler wanted to bring about a New World Order. The Nazi [National Socialist] Party was more than just a political party, it was also a religion. The esoteric symbol of the Aryan race was symbol was the swastika, the symbol of the Sun. The Aryan race was not something that was already in existence, but rather something the Nazis wanted to bring about [through eugenics], to rule over their New World Order. I will dedicate a future installation of this series to explaining the esoteric nature and origin of the Nazi Party, because there is just so much to say [and so much that ties into the NWO], but that will just take away from the main subject [generic NWO] if I were to explain now.

Here is a Wikipedia article on Hitler's New Order [a New WORLD Order], and his plans to implement it:

Prescott Bush, father of George H. W. Bush, and grandfather of George W. Bush, was a major financier of the Nazi Party, and was actually probably integral to the success of the Nazi Party. However, he was not just 'sending over money'. Here is a Guardian article on this subject, which delves into the depth of Prescott Bush's involvement.

Here is Eisenhower warning us of the military-industrial complex, which is what the New World Order takes advantage of to rise to power.
Note that he says the military-industrial complex is a new thing, and speaks of "the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power" that comes with it. So who is making tons of money and power off of wars today? You guessed it, our glorious leaders.

Earliest mention of the term New World Order [in the US] was by Nelson Rockefeller when he was the mayor of New York. I am having trouble finding video of his speech.

Here is excerpts from George H. W. Bush's 9/11/91 New World Order speech, followed by excerpts from a CFR speech on 9/12/01 about how George W. Bush could use the 9/11 crisis to implement the New World Order.

Note that Bush Sr. says "when we are successful, and we will be." Also note that at the end is a speech from the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations]. The CFR is an entity that is not a part of the US Government, and was founded and funded by the Rockefeller family, and their stated goal is globalization and the removal of the sovereignty of nations. For a fun drinking game, drink every time you see a politician on TV who belong to the CFR. Don't do this during presidential debates, because you will die of alcohol poisoning.

Here is Bill Clinton selling the New World Order message. Of course, he makes it into a good thing. Since Bush's 1990 speech, the term New World Order is highly sensitive, and is generally replaced with "globalization". So every time you hear "globalization", replace it in your mind with "establishing the New World Order."
Note that he says "our independence is unstable and cannot last."

George W. Bush has also made a few references to the New World Order in his speeches, but I am having difficulty finding them. I will add here when I find.

Here is Obama speaking of the same things.
"global citizenship."

Of course, since it is a New WORLD Order, it is not just a US phenomenon.

Here is Tony Blair's New World Order/Globalization speech.

Here is Gordon Brown calling for a New World Order.

Nicholas Sarkozy [French President] calls for New World Order

Here is an article written by the president of the Council on Foreign Relations about how all nations must give up their sovereignty for a global society [New World Order], from their own website!

New World Order in new history textbooks.

The list goes on and on. You will see that they will always say that it is for world peace, and for the good of the world. Yeah, they say that, but then you look at their policies. Why is every nation of the New World Order becoming more and more FASCIST and SOCIALIST, with more and more basic civil liberties taken away? For example, the Patriot Acts, the European Union nations losing their sovereignty, or the rise of CCTV cameras? Of course, why the New World Order will be bad is the topic of a future installment as well, as it is too much to explain here. But know this: it will be a 1984 Big Brother-esque society.

"By the early 1970s, when I was growing up, their lenses were widely seen in British shops but they were still something of a novelty.

If I behaved well on shopping expeditions to Worcester as a boy, I was rewarded with a visit to Littlewoods where I was allowed to perform in front of the CCTV cameras, watching myself on the screens alongside as I did so.

Today there is nothing novel about CCTV. There are now an estimated 4.2 million cameras in use in Britain, which equates to one for every 14 people."

This is the document of the study on the number of CCTV cameras in London.

Here are some pictures of CCTV cameras that are all over London as well as Britain.

In fact, on the back side of the US Seal, which was finally disclosed to the public in 1935 on the back of the one dollar bill, contains the phrase "Novus Ordo Seclorum," meaning the "New Order of the Ages." This signifies the success of the Federal Reserve in removing the gold [real capital] from the people. Executive Order 6102 of 1933 made private ownership of gold ILLEGAL and all who had gold must turn it into their closest Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve Bank/Central Banking will be elaborated upon in a future installment devoted to the subject.

So in conclusion, it does not matter if you believe that the New World Order exists or not. As long as those in power believe in the construction of a New World Order, it will affect you, no matter how little you care. It also must exist because "world leaders" refer to it. Another term for it is globalization. But New World Order does exist, at least in concept, though whether it is a new or an old concept it is up for debate. Many [as well as I] believe the New World Order to be an ancient and esoteric concept, going back to the Mystery Schools of ancient times. It is also sometimes referred to as The [not A] Invisible College. The Mystery Schools still thrive today, but under different names, such as the Freemasons, the Brotherhood of the Rose Cross [Rosicrucians], Skull and Bones Society, the Thule Society [later transformed into the Nazi Party by Hitler], and so on. I will expand on the Mystery Schools in a future installation of this series.

To whet your appetite, I will finish with a video of world leaders participating in an ancient pagan ritual known as the Cremation of Care at a place called Bohemian Grove.

Here is a 1981 news report on Bohemian Grove, to prove that it exists and that high ranking officials, politicians, and executives go there [such as presidents], and that they participate in highly pagan [Mystery School] rituals.

Here is more recent video of the actual ritual

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed the lengthy read. Please don't just take my word for it. Please take this as a starting point, if you are not already familiar with the things that I have written, and begin your own research. A good place to start looking is the Bilderberg Group. Watch out for disinformation. Good luck.

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Peter Schiff: Economic Collapse to be Catastrophic

In case you don't know who Peter Schiff is, he is an Austrian school economist and is the president of a brokerage firm called Euro Pacific Capital. Basically, he is a pretty big deal and often appears on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX, etc as an economic expert.

There has recently been an explosion of interest about him as almost all of his previous economic predictions have COME TRUE, and they are not popular predictions.

Here is a youtube compilation of Peter Schiff being 100% right in 2006-2007. He holds his position even though all the other analysts are mocking him and laughing at him. At some points, even the "unbiased" host makes fun of him! Please watch the video. It makes you want to punch everyone else in the video in the face.

Here is a very recent video (Nov 24th 2008, CNN International) where Peter Schiff tells it like it is. However, when he begins shed light upon the fact that the economic collapse was essentially ENGINEERED the Federal Reserve, his video GETS CUT OFF MID SENTENCE! As in "technical difficulty" and he is off the air.

If you've been following at all any of the outlandish things that I've posted in the past, one of the big topics is the NEW WORLD ORDER, in which the Federal Reserve is a huge part of, as well as other central banks. I will not continue to explain the Federal Reserve right now, but if you are interested you can probably dig through my older notes for more information on this subject. Of course, don't take anything I say word for word, you should look it up for yourself! But is it a coincidence that he is cut off as soon as he points the finger at the Federal Resereve??

Anyway, here is the important part. Now that I have shown that Peter Schiff is a pretty credible source regarding the economy. Since being cut off, he had agreed to an interview on a radio show called ATS Mix, which is a conspiratorial radio show based off of a forum called, in which posters are able to ask questions, which are in turn asked to Schiff on the show. You can listen to it here:

If you are not going to listen, here is the most important thing that he said:

"The dollar is doomed. Anyone caught with dollars when the music stops is basically going to be broke."

I don't want to be fearmongering or anything, but I think what he says deserves consideration.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Current Situation In a Nutshell

1. Economy going to implode (worse than it is now, much worse)

2. NWO closer to completion, FINANCIAL TIMES writes about NWO!

3. G20 Summit tries to take over world economy (stressing IMF, World Bank, and other "World" organization involvement.

4. Leaked rumor from March predicts economic collapse and also crisis to follow, which will precipitate change to move towards the Amero and NAU. Perhaps Obama will bring change, but the socialist kind.

5. "Reinhardt" predicts sept 15th stock market crash to the day.

6. Biden as well as Colin Powell speaks of "guaranteed generated international crisis" to occur shortly after Obama comes into office. "Mark my words"

hold onto your seats... stay tuned.

The Transfer of Wealth

This is an old thing that I wrote but never put up here.

Economic Collapse

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at 3:18pm
At this point economic collapse seems more and more likely. Luckily, enough people have cared to stop the $700 billion bailout - which would only really help the rich and put us, the common people into more debt. Ever dollar that the Federal Reserve prints makes all other dollars worth less, and is another dollar plus interest of debt that we all owe.

The recent turn of events has shown us exactly how the system works: privatize the profits for the super-rich, and divide up the losses among the people. Luckily enough people caught this and phoned their congressmen to make the bailout not pass.

The economic collapse is manufactured. It was caused by the combined policies of our "government" and the Banksters who control our "government". I will have to call them the "banksters". Bush with his tax cuts and accelerated spending. Bush with the war on Iraq which continues to drain the economy. The morgage scheme, which allowed average people who shouldn't be able to afford houses buy them (high risk capital made easily obtainable, just like in the 1920s prior to the depression with the deal in which one could buy stock with only half the money [other half on loan from bank]).

However, the biggest problem, like I have always said, is the Federal Reserve system. The Federal Reserve, with Bernanke's policies in the past years, also vastly contributed to this pending economic collapse. The Federal Reserve is a private corporation with the power to print up money on a whim, and loan it to the US government and the people. We have to pay back the loans with more loaned money, from the Federal Reserve. This is one major reason as to why our national debt is exponential. All of what we pay for our income tax goes to pay the interest on our money, which goes straight to the banksters via the IRS, which is a private corporation, which is in turn a front for the IMF, which is in turn actually the US Department of Treasury (The UN is in actuality the US corporation, the bankster's ploy to take over the world through inflation and taxation). There is no written law that says we must pay the Income Tax, which is roughly 1/4 of our year's labor, but we must pay it or the IRS banksters will take our belongings. Just like if the mob asks for protection money, you don't necessarily have to pay it, but if you don't want to get hurt, you better.

We are nothing but debt slaves. The national debt divided amongst us all is over $200,000 per person. That means your new baby brother is born into over $200,000 of debt that he can never repay. The Federal Reserve NOTE, which is not money, is merely a note to show that you got it from the Federal Reserve ON LOAN. It is merely "legal tender" that we believe has value. Slowly over time, through inflation and taxation, they are succeeding in their goal of transfering wealth from the masses to the few (the banksters). The value of the dollar is worth about 1/10th of what it was back in 1900 (as of 1991). Note that the Federal Reserve was established 1913.

Historical Value of the U.S. Dollar
What one dollar was worth in constant 1991 dollars.
1820-1850 $13.28
1850-1875 $13.14
1875-1900 $14.85
1900-1925 $11.38
1935 $9.91
1945 $7.56
1965 $4.31
1975 $2.35
1985 $1.26
1991 $1.00

It is worth even less now. They have kept us blind by decreasing production costs (out-sourcing, and all that nonsense) to make it seem like our money is still worth the same. However, the bubble is about to burst soon.

In conclusion, this economic collapse I believe is manufactured and purposefully caused by those at the top, just like the 9/11 incident.. an economic "controlled demolition" of sorts. The goal? To manipulate people into accepting the North American Union and the Amero!! One step closer to global conquest.

and to quote Jefferson:

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them, will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered."

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Time for Revolution is Now

More and more people are slowly waking up to reality from their ignorant slumber, from their self-indulgence, from a life that is just an meaningless alternation between work and play, from the "American Dream" force fed into our minds through mass media, the commercial music industry, the motherfucking bandwagon of money worship, the fear of straying from the herd, and so on.. but are we too late? Is the world too late to be saved?

Saved from what, you might ask. If you don't see that there is something seriously wrong with this world, then you are a part of the problem, but that can be fixed. Educate yourself. You can never claim to know the truth about any subject unless you have researched it yourself. Do not just take someone else's word for it. Do not judge based upon preconceived notions. That is the epitome of ignorance. You might think politics is bullshit or whatever, but it will fuck you over in the end if you don't pay attention, and we are nearing that end.

But I will elaborate. The problem not just one thing that can be fixed simply by going voting for Obama; he is a part of the problem as well. The problem is the bipartisan government that we now have, when both major political parties are just two sides of the same fucking coin. Remember when George W. Bush promised minimal foreign involvement when he ran for president in 2000? Of course you fucking don't. Remember when there were no WMDs in Iraq? Of course you fucking don't. Or maybe you just don't care. And now the gears of the US propaganda machine, for example Faux News, CNN, all the mass media, are churning once more, attempting to sway public opinion into supporting war with Iran, and the same motherfucking ignorant people are falling for it again. For those of us who are awake we ask, do people not remember? Are people really that fucking dumb?

The answer is no, the people are not dumb. They are just ignorant. They have been deprived of the ability to think for themselves, indoctrinated by a school system that promotes cohesion over individuality, group expression rather than self expression, a music industry that promotes the dream of becoming a pop star, a rap star, a gangster, "young money millionaire", famous, instant success and so on, all bullshit to distract you from what is really important in life, and promoting groupthink. If you go on myspace music, you will find that about 90% of the people on there are 14 year old kids trying to make the newschool hip-hop beats that all fucking sound the same, trying to be the next Soulja Boy. But they will never fucking make it, because they all sound the same. Commercial hip-hop has taken away all the meaning and expression behind REAL hip-hop, which has been forced underground, that actually has a message (power to the people) and therefore a reason to exist beyond merely entertainment. These same ideas are promoted on television through shows like anything on MTV, reality TV, American Idol, or whatever "Idol" show that you watch, whatever dance competition show that you watch, and while you are watching this, you may be entertained, but there is no fucking substance ok? And all this bullshit has made the masses more and more ignorant to the actually important aspects of life. You would think that the mass communications technologies that we have today would be used to enlighten the world, to spread knowledge, but NO, it is used to spread bullshit that numbs the mind and influences this generation of youth to aspire to be superstars, pop stars, and "gangsters". Ignorant little kids who think they are thug because they hustled a little bit of money by ripping of some other suburban kids over an ounce of weed. Ignorant little kids who think they can be that next big rapper or that next big producer, but all they rap about is money, drugs, and bitches, and all they produce is the same sounding shit. Ignorant little kids who aspire to be that next American Idol, that next American model, that next big dancer, trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Ignorant little kids aspiring to make tons of money via some profession that they're not even interested in. And everyone is overlooking what is truly important in life, knowledge.

But we are not too late, as people still have the concept of freedom, albeit an ill-conceived one. We are not really free, my friends, and as long as the ignorant masses are the majority, we will never be. When barely 50% of the people vote, and when 80% of those people vote based on "hot issues" that are entirely irrelevant to the true problems that plague the world (i.e. the religious affiliation of the candidate), who do you really think is in control? It is the people who own the propaganda machines such as News Corp who are in control, because they control your reality. They control your reality because you get your reality from their television programs, their music, their news. They brainwashed you to think that their fucking non-objectively based money system is the end all to existence and is the only system that can work. They brainwashed you into thinking money is the most important thing in your lives. They brainwashed you into wasting your precious little time as an observer of this universe on material shit that means nothing in the end. They brainwashed you into believing in a system where the laws protect the rich and steal from the poor. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Money cannot be the purpose to our existence, as money is a human creation, especially money that is not based upon objective standards, money that can be created with the stroke of pen. Knowledge is where true power lies. They are winning by means of mass manipulation. But you cannot be manipulated if you know the truth. Who will sign up to fight the pointless war in Iraq if they knew what they were actually fighting for? Find out the real reason they want to attack Iran. Wake the fuck up and educate yourselves, because if not you will be fucked over in the end. And the end is really fucking nigh. We cannot allow their world government to be established, but it is already nearly too late.
If you want to learn about how this world really works but do not know where to look, I will suggest that you start with researching the following term: Bilderberg.

But remember, in the information war, there is a lot of disinformation, and it is up to you to distinguish the credible from the bullshit. Be sure to always check your sources. Of course, I can only show you the entrance to the rabbit hole, and it is up to you to find out how deep it goes. But I will let you know this right off - it gets real fucking deep.

This revolution will not be of guns, blood, and violence, but of the mind. Rise up above race and class. Rise up for not for yourself but for your fellow man. Rise up today because the time for revolution is now, while the internet is still free, while we, the people, still have an accessible tool for mass communication.

The time is now, people. Educate yourselves. Spread the motherfucking word. Viva la RevoluciĆ³n.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Empire of "the City"

I don't expect you to read it all in one go, but please, give it a read and some serious thought.

There is an entity that is actively taking over the world right now. Some call it the New World Order, which was so fondly spoken of by Bush Sr. The signs of the New World Order are everywhere. Corporations bear their symbols, and so do our money ("Novus Ordo Seclorum", the "New Order of the World"). It is not just our American money, but money in Europe and scattered all over the world as well. Globalist thinking is also encouraged throughout the NWO "nations" by means of propaganda, and the people of these "nations" are kept apathetic and ignorant by a complex system of control, which I will explain later.

A favorite symbol is the all seeing eye, which is the Eye of Horus contained within a triangle. It is sometimes accompanied by a pyramid missing its capstone. Things bearing this symbol include, but are not limited to: the reverse of the Great Seal of the US, the back of the dollar bill which bears the Great Seal, The Information Awareness Office, the part of the Department of Defense in charge of developing mass surveillance and intelligence gathering technologies and databases, the logo of Fidelity Investments, the MI5, even Tolkien's classic personification of evil, Sauron. Other symbols you could look for is the upside down pentagram, and the upside down five sided star.

I don't want to get too much into that but seriously, their symbols are everywhere, and it is obvious that they are in very high places with a lot of influence. But who are "they", and why are they so obsessed with sun symbolism?

They are what is called the Empire of the City. The Empire of the City actually consists of three cities, which belong to no nation or state and pay no taxes: Vatican City, the City of London (not London), and Washington DC. Vatican City controls the world through religion, the City of London controls the world through currency, and Washington DC controls the world through force.

The City of London (or the Square Mile) is a plot of land approximately a square mile in London. It is independent from England and is ruled by the City of London Corporation.

Located in the center of each city is an Egyptian obelisk erect. They are: the obelisk in St. Peter's Square, the Washington Monument, and Cleopatra's Needle in the City of London. Of course, one question you might want to ask yourself is why is there an Egyptian obelisk, which is a tribute to the Egyptian "pagan" sun god Amen-Ra, in the middle of Vatican City? Contained within these three cities is more than 80% of the world's wealth.

The Empire of "the City" is essentially the British Empire, or more accurately, the forces behind the British Empire of the past. The Empire asserts its control over its colonies (such as the US, Canada, Australia, the European Union) through complicated means.

One of their means of control is to have agents of their cause in high places of influence. This cabal of powerful manipulators is known collectively as the Illuminati, the Shadow Government, the Omega Agency, the Government within the Government, and so on. It does not matter what they are called. They are there and have been actively and legislatively writing away our freedoms and also have been working towards the New World Order. Examples of this is the Patriot Acts, H. R. Bill 1955, the European Union Constitution, and the Security and Prosperity Partnership.

The agents of this shadow government meet in secret once a year in what has come to be called the Bilderberg Group. The Bilderberg group has met in secret since the early 1950s, and since many of its attendees are media moguls, they have kept the information on the down low. The Bilderberg group got its first newspaper mention in the mid 1980s, and it was not until the internet age that the Bilderberg group became somewhat known. Attendees include but are not limited to: royalty, world banksters, presidents, CEOs, well you get the picture. The Bilderberg group meets once every year by renting out a hotel, three years in Europe, and every forth year in North America. The video link is from the 2006 Bilderberg conference in Ottowa. However, something really important must be going on, as they have abolished their tradition and are MEETING AS OF THE WRITING in Chantilly, Virginia (June 5th-8th).

The agents of the shadow government are also a part of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which is independent from the US Government. Both the CFR and the Bilderberg group were established upon Rockafeller funding. Just for fun, you should see how many of those running for president 2008 are CFR members, especially the media favorites. Click here to read a CFR document written by the President of the CFR essentially saying that all nations must cede their sovereignty to the UN, written in friendly Spin-Speak.

Other NWO groups you could look up include, but are not limited to: the Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones Society, and the Bohemian Club, which includes many influential men including presidents and engages in the worship of the owl idol Molech.

Another means of control is through the world's Central Banks. Contrary to popular belief, the Federal Reserve is NOT a part of the US Government. The only part that is "federal" about it is it's name. It is a privately owned enterprise, and so is the Bank of England, and every central bank out there, including the World Bank. Interestingly enough, all of these private central banks are owned by largely the same group of people! This group includes, but is not limited to: the Rothschilds, the Rockafellers, and the Warburgs and their interests. Essentially what they have is a monopoly on money. All money that is out there is a loan. The central banks print the money, and then loans it to the government on interest. This is why the national debt of any country grows exponentially. This is because the money that is needed to pay back the loan comes from the central bank.. on loan! The American national debt is so great right now that every person born into the US is automatically over 70,000 in debt. This way of control is to make every citizen of the colony a willing debt-slave of the Empire. I foresee that the manufactured economic crisis of right now in the US will be used as grounds to push for a North American Union and the use of a single North American currency (to enslave an entire continent) called the Amero.

The oil "crisis" is also a manufactured one. Please read the book entitled The Energy Non-Crisis, which is written in the early 1980s, and predicts pretty much everything that is happening right now. There is no shortage on oil, only a perceived shortage. Oil prices have been steadily increasing and the oil companies are also suspiciously making record profits. However, it is not the oil companies who are in control. It is the middle men between the Oil fields and the oil companies who set the prices. These middle men happen to be the same interests who own the worlds banks and set the prices for the world's gold (such as the Rockafellers). What a coincidence. Oil prices have been steadily increasing, but the purpose is not for profit. Oil prices right now are a form of taxation! You can tell by its calculated, steady increase. This is based off of the psychological principle of the Just Noticeable Difference. For example, if you changed the volume of your radio from 5 to 6, it seems to be the same, but if you change it from say, 5 to 8, then it is perceivably louder. This is the same with the price of oil. By steadily increasing the prices slowly, its impact on our lives seem less pronounced because it is a slow and steady change. In fact, this is the same principle that the implementation of the NWO is based upon. This oil taxation is another of their forms of control.

Food products are also quickly coming under their control, as the Monsanto Corporation has been steadily gaining a monopoly over seeds (for farmers) and other foodstuffs. One should note that Monsanto was the same corporation that brought us Agent Orange and is intimately tied with the NWO. Also see the UN's Codex Alimentarius.

The final form of control that I will write about for now is what I would like to call reality control. This is done through TV, radio, the internet, newspapers, and so on and so forth. Most are aware that almost every TV station belongs to one of five super-corporations. The TV reality has become the new reality (hence the prominence of "reality" shows nowadays) and most New World citizens know the world through the biased lens of the TV screen. We are in a world where the simulated reality has become the accepted reality of the masses. This is essentially the whole point of the popular movie The Matrix, which was based upon the Baudrillard's essay Simulacra and Simulations, which in turn is about modern societies' acceptance of manufactured realities. Noam Chomsky also wrote about this issue in his book Manufacturing Consent, which he has also made into a documentary that is now available on Google Video. For example, in simulation reality, what Britney Spears does matters, when in real reality, it does not. For example, in simulation reality, "conspiracy theory" is for nutjobs and whackos, while in real reality, questioning the government should be a standard in a free society. In simulation reality, Iraq had WMDs. In simulation reality, the US is liberating Iraq, but in real reality, the US is helping the Empire conquer the Middle East. In simulation reality, people can be apathetic and ignorant to politics and the world with no consequence, but in real reality, the people of the world are handing the sovereignty of their nations over to the Empire on a silver platter. In simulation reality, there is no New World Order, but in real reality, it is already upon us. In simulation reality, the ordinary people are powerless, but in real reality, we, the people, hold the power!

Please do the research and spread the word before it is too late, and it almost is! They can only win through deception and if the people remain ignorant of their own ignorance and apathetic of their own apathy. So please, please, please, spread the word.

Here is a good analogy:
He asked, ‘ Do you know how to catch wild pigs?’ The professor thought it was a joke and asked for the punch line. The young man said this was no joke. ‘You catch wild pigs by finding a suitable place in the woods and putting corn on the ground. The pigs find it and begin to come everyday to eat the free corn. When they are used to coming every day, you put a fence down one side of the place where they are used to coming. When they get used to the fence, they begin to eat the corn again and you put up another side of the fence. They get used to that and start to eat again. You continue until you have all four sides of the fence up with a gate in the last side. The pigs, who are used to the free corn, start to come through the gate to eat, you slam the gate on them and catch the whole herd. Suddenly the wild pigs have lost their freedom. They run around and around inside the fence, but they are caught. Soon they go back to eating the free corn. They are so used to it that they have forgotten how To forage in the woods for themselves, so they accept their captivity.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


Clairvoyance is generally considered to be a "paranormal" phenomenon and also generally considered to be not real. I contest that, as I have experienced it and have used it while purposefully trying for it. Here is the story:

It was a couple years back, I think it might have been my Junior year summer in high school, and I was bored as hell. It was probably around 2 in the afternoon and I was watching this show on the History Channel on something called "remote viewing". Apparently the CIA or whatever had been developing it in the 80s to counter the Soviet ESP programs, and that it was one of the few ideas that actually got past the drawing board and was implemented on certain missions. So long story short, Remote Viewing was essentially clairvoyance made into a step-by-step method.

I was very intrigued by this, so of course, I immediately went over to my computer and googled it. Oh and I don't know if this made a difference, but I also smoked a bowl of pot beforehand. So I was high, but not stoned. One of the first hits that came up on google when I searched Remote Viewing was this site (which I can't find now, but it's been a couple years, so it might have been shut down) that claimed to teach you, for free. So I thought, what have I got to lose? and clicked on it.

The method was simple enough. First, you must have a question in mind that you want to answer. It has to be a completely open-ended question, as in no yes/no or multiple choice questions. This is to prevent bias within your mind. After you have determined what you want to find out, you must clear your mind (this is the hard part) completely of all thoughts. This takes about 15-30 minutes to achieve. Once this is achieved, the third step is to meditate on the question, and to remember the random images, feelings, ideas, etc that suddenly pop up. You do this for about 15 minutes, until finally you write down/draw what you saw or felt or whatever.

So to test this out, they have a "test page" which is just a basic page filled with hundreds of links, each labeled "picture 1", "picture 2", etc. The goal of this is to predict the picture before you click on the link. My first two attempts were to no avail, but my third try:

I decided this time to focus on a sound until it was all that I was thinking about, and then I stopped thinking about it, and thus my mind was clear. I asked myself in my mind "what is picture # (whatever I forget)" and focused on it. About a couple minutes later, I began to see flashes of red and green, culminating to a sudden flash of a silhouette of what looked like a person with one arm back ending in a spherical shape. I decided that it was a person holding a basketball back with one hand. Anyway, that was pretty much all that came to me after 10 minutes, so I decided to write down "red + green" and drew out a basic outline of the shape that I saw. I also wrote down "basketball player?". I then clicked on the link, and although it was not a person playing basketball like I thought, it was in fact a woman playing tennis! The racket was what made the spherical shape! And whats more is that she was playing on a red and green tennis court! That really tripped me out and I had to try again to be sure.

So on my fourth attempt (the third being my first success), I followed the same procedure of focusing on a sound and then not thinking about it to clear my mind. This time, I saw mushroom shapes, so I drew it out. Sure enough, the picture was of a pile of glass mushrooms! At this point, I came to the conclusion that clairvoyance is indeed real, as it is statistically impossible for me to guess a random picture, let alone twice. From this moment on, my perspective on the possible and impossible has changed drastically and is probably the event that opened my mind. It is interesting, no?

I am not sure if smoking the bowl had helped me concentrate and clear my mind. However, after successfully using remote viewing twice in a row, I began to think about why it worked. I think we are always constantly picking up thoughts and ideas, but we are just unable to differentiate what we receive from what we think up in our minds. This is why the clearing of the mind is so crucial, because you are no longer thinking up new thoughts, only receiving. The random ideas that pop up are what you receive.

To further reaffirm my belief in this, a few months ago, at the university courtyard, I randomly met this guy and we quickly developed a friendship. We started talking about the meaning of the universe and all that, and somehow we began to talk about how clairvoyance was real, and he claimed to have done it too, and tries to use it on a daily basis. I was trying to explain him my method (which is what I explained above), but before I could finish, he completed my sentence! We used the exact same method! He said to me, "people go about it the wrong way, trying to find the answer by believing that clairvoyance is a power, but clairvoyance is really being powerless and becoming the receiver." Well, something along those lines. What tripped me out was that shortly after I had my Everything and Nothing epiphany, he calls me right after I get out of my class, even though we had not spoken for a couple months (so he could not have known my schedule) as he had moved away after the first semester, and tells me that he had a feeling that I had figured out something new about the universe and asked me to tell him what I knew!

I hope to have changed some minds on this subject, but I personally believe that there is much more that our mind can do and that what my friend and I have experienced is only the tip of the iceberg, and that this power may be amplified through use of psychedelics such as certain mushrooms.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The New World Order Paradigm and How They Control Us

I risk sounding like a crazy "conspiracy loony" but I have come to believe that the New World Order is in motion and will be established in the near future (within the next 50 years or so). I believe this not because of theories but due to facts. The underhanded nature of the implementation of the North American Union is the first tip off that it is probably not something that is in the best interest of the people. Otherwise, it would have been laid out on the table, rather than being secretly agreed upon and then disregarded as "myth" in the mainstream media. In fact, you can find the documents that prove that the plans for NAU is past the drawing board. For example, look up the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), or you could go to the Council on Foreign Relations website, and do a search for globalization and sovereignty. Oh by the way, all of the major candidates who are running in the 2008 election are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is NOT PART OF THE GOVERNMENT. It is a Rockefeller funded group. I say this with the exception of Obama, though his wife is rumored to be in the Illinois Chapter of the CFR. Ron Paul also is not CFR, but McCain, Romney, and Hillary (along with Bill) are all CFR.. Is there really much of a choice?

So to be clear, in this writing, globalization and New World Order (NWO) will mean the same thing. The more I thought about this, the more obvious it became. The NWO is at such an advanced stage right now that it may be near impossible to stop it. This is because the NWO Paradigm is now. What is the NWO Paradigm, you might ask. I will list out what I consider to be characteristic of this artificially generated culture (and then I will go into details for each of them):

1) Gross emphasis on money
Remember when people used to say "money can't buy happiness" and it was truth? Well, these days, people (by people I mean the masses, the general population) are conditioned to view material possessions as happiness, as material possessions are also associated with social standings. To be even more literal, you can buy pharmaceutical drugs tailored to your own liking (don't like hydrocodone? try some oxycodone instead!) to literally bring happiness (unnaturally, but happiness nonetheless). Think about how many people marry for the money, or worse, divorce for the money.

2) Conditioned self-alienation
People are conditioned to see differences between themselves and others rather than similarities. Thus, the individual becomes all-important (the Me Generation) to the point of selfishness (Why should I work if I won't be rewarded? Why should I care about you? etc). This prevents the people from grouping together and therefore becoming strong.

3) Belief that the individual is powerless
Since most people seek to set themselves apart from others, they have become individuals. People have been stripped of their sense of power and therefore, are under the impression that they have no power in the way the world is run and believe that either their votes don't count, or don't care about it one way or the other.

4) The romanticizing of the rich lifestyle (aka pleasure)
This is self-explanatory and ties in with the first. Ever watch Cribs? Or wonder why Paris Hilton is so famous with absolutely no talent?

5) Arrogance
The idea that one is rightfully better than someone else. However, in the NWO style of this trait, it is "justified" in that status is quantifiable based upon material possessions (I have a better car than you, therefore I am better). Arrogance is an inherently human trait. The NWO merely perpetuates it and takes advantage of this. In fact, most of these things in the list are directly related to common human traits that those in power use exploit us.

6) A constant state of both Double Apathy and Double Ignorance
People are kept apathetic of their own apathy and ignorant of their own ignorance. In essence, they don't care that they don't care, and don't know that they don't know. This mixed with arrogance is the ultimate form of mind-slavery in which the individual does not know that they are not free.

7) The emphasis of the here and now
People seem to only care about the here and now, and are so close to Orwellian "doublethinking" it is scary. Remember when Bush said there were WMDs in Iraq and was proven to be completely wrong? Why isn't that a big deal? People still believe the government is completely trustworthy. Is it going to be buried in history like the Gulf of Tonkin? Remember when Bush was talking about how Iran had WMDs and was proven wrong? Why isn't that a big deal? All these things are proven, and yet people just shrug it off as if it were nothing.

All of these ideas are being forced down the throats of the youth, and they love every bit of it. I can say this because I am a part of the group known as the 'youth'. Popular music these days are nothing more than NWO propaganda. Listen to some Lil' Wayne (or actually ANY mainstream hip hop/rap). He's horrible, but people love him. His beats are generic, his rhymes are generic, and all he ever raps about is having lots of money, bitches (sex), and drugs (pleasure), and this is what my generation looks up to. Or how about that Crank Dat Soulja Boy shit? I am just amazed that people can't separate real art (music) from commercialized music full of product placements and just the glorification of the life of excess and pleasure while reason and thought are pushed out of the picture. And what about the TV? The talking picture box? Watch some of the shows such as Cribs, or all those stupid game shows where people go on to do embarrassing things for money. The point is, money drugs and sex is being glorified wherever we turn. Now I'm not saying those things are completely bad. They are awesome and they feel awesome, BUT it is not the end all and that is not what life is about.

The truth is kept from the people, but much of it is in plain sight. For example, look at the 9/11 Commission Report. Why does it not mention building 7? Because it collapsed, straight down, inward, just like buildings 1 and 2 (the towers), or because it only had fires visible on TWO floors of the 40 something story tall sky scraper? Basically anything about 9/11 that could not be explained in the way those in power wanted it to be explained were left out of the report. Look up the sketchy circumstances (such as not under oath, Bush and Cheney to appear together, etc) under which Bush and Cheney attended the meetings of the 9/11 Commission Report.

Our bias is programmed, and we still think we are free. Good examples of this programming or "anchoring" include, the negative connotations associated with the term "conspiracy" and the way the word is used in the mainstream media, and also through disinformation (publishing fake, outrageous conspiracy theories to discredit the legit ones). Therefore, people have (due to their arrogance) come to ridicule "conspiracy nuts" when it should be perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged to question the government. Also the idea that the government is inherently good. This is enforced through years of elementary and middle school "social studies" classes. Or the fact that the Holocaust can never be questioned. There are tons of worse atrocities throughout history and yet most are under the impression that 1) the Holocaust is the worst atrocity in human history and 2) Mostly Jews were killed. In actuality, about 6 of 12 million killed were Jews, and yet in the official definition of the Holocaust, it only references Jews:

"The Holocaust:

The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. "Holocaust" is a word of Greek origin meaning "sacrifice by fire." The Nazis, who came to power in Germany in January 1933, believed that Germans were "racially superior" and that the Jews, deemed "inferior," were an alien threat to the so-called German racial community."

This would be perfectly fine if it didn't define "Holocaust" as specifically "the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators." This is a problem because it is not inclusive. If it were to say

"The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately twelve million people by the Nazi regime and its collaborators."

then it would be perfectly acceptable. If Jewish deaths made up of say, 80-90% of the total death toll, it would be acceptable to say define "Holocaust" the way it is in the quote. But since they made up of about half of the total death toll (6 of 12 million), to only recognize them without the others is just plain misleading. There are minor references to other ethnic groups, but they are not part of the definition of Holocaust.

And I say this like it doesn't have to be Jews. If 6 million Poles were killed and 3 million Jews were killed (basically switched numbers), and only Poles were mentioned, there would be something wrong there too. Basically, what I am saying about this is that the Holocaust is misconstrued as a wholly Jewish event. Yes, it is not true, and all who look at the event beyond a superficial level will tell you that, but you have to admit, it is what the Holocaust is associated with, and that the general people who have a superficial conception of the Holocaust directly associates it with Jewish people in concentration camps.

But of course, anything on that subject against the mainstream would make me an anti-semite, even if I were to have a point. To those who believe that the Holocaust must be taught so much so that it won't happen again, are you saying that the wholesale genocide of the tens of millions of Native Americans, the taking of their land, and the destroying of their lifestyle and livelihood is not important enough to want to prevent? So there is some obvious bias here, as it is not generally taught. Again, you have to look at it from the perspective of the average citizen. Just because you know about this, doesn't mean other people all know this fact. Even if they did know, it does not stir up the intense emotions like the Holocaust does. Why? Anchoring. The bias is even more visible when you look to the Asian theater of WWII where the Japanese committed atrocities on such a large scale that it is arguable "worse" than the Holocaust, and yet, there is no overall term to express the events. It is a good example of the bias, as it happened during the same time period. If you really look into the Asian atrocities, you would probably agree with me that it is definitely on the same scale and level of "horribleness" as the Holocaust. The Holocaust is "anchored" into us through the use of trauma, by showing us horrible pictures when we were so young. I mean Anne Frank's diary is pretty scary and intense for an elementary school audience, and many aspects of the Holocaust are probably forever embedded in your memory due to pictures, videos, or things you were forced to read in school at a tender and impressionable age. In fact, most people have never heard of the atrocities in Asia, as it is only mentioned a couple times in school. I just don't think it is right that questioning the Holocaust is so taboo that it is outright illegal in certain countries. And if you do, you are automatically an anti-semite. Now I'm not saying that the Holocaust didn't happen or anything, I just believe that any event, concept, or truth should be subject to query and scrutiny, and that it's sketchy that the Holocaust is not, while everything else in history is heavily debated. I feel like I have to explain myself a whole lot on this issue because it is so deeply anchored to emotions within all of us. I do not dislike Jews or anything like that, just to be clear. I am just pointing out that the conditioned reaction to the Holocaust is a prime example of anchoring. Yet another would be the association of "terrorist" with "Muslim". Terrorists can be of any nationality, faith, and background.

To be clear, here is a link to the wiki about what "anchoring" is.

What I have listed is not a "comprehensive list", but rather things that I can list off of the top of my head. If you think about the reasons why you do certain things, why you make certain decisions, or if you read a few sentences of something and think "that's bullshit", and stop reading without considering the other person's point of view, you will begin to realize what I am talking about. Most of our decisions are of free will, but the important ones our views are so biased that we believe we are making our own decisions, but we are merely deciding based upon our preconditioned biases.

Anyway, this is the New World Culture that is being spread all over the world. You can see this as extremely evident in China or other "Westernizing" nations. You can argue that the cultures are different, but what the focuses for the masses are have become one and the same: getting rich so one can better themselves (Me Generation). In fact, if I remember correctly, in China recently, a teenage girl's father committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge because his daughter idolized some celebrity "teen idol" and when she finally met him, he didn't really respond to her in any significant way. Why did he kill himself though? Because he spent a lot of money to create the circumstances in which his daughter got to meet this celebrity, even though the reasoning for her quest is completely superficial (he is soo rich + hot!).

So essentially, in the mind of the father, life without money is not worth living. And this is not even a shocking state of mind, as most people right now believe this too. This is just retarded. How can you let something man-made determine if your life is worth living? We let money have value, not the other way around.

This is the epitome of the New World Culture. Buy buy buy, consume consume consume, enjoy enjoy enjoy, just pay no attention to what's going on outside of your own little bubble.

So to sum up basically what I am saying:

1) The New World Culture serves only to distract and divide the general populace, causing the individual to feel powerless, and also to keep the masses in a state of mind-slavery. It is already in effect and is spreading. Essentially, it serves to take power away from the people and places it in the hands of a few ruling elite. Free your mind.

2) We are programmed with biases through the barrage of the media. In fact, we've become so used to this that most people no longer form their own opinions, but rather take someone else's stance that they agree (mostly) with. Most of the time, people get their opinions and biases from the media. For example, would the American people so readily accept that it was the Osama (a Muslim) who carried out 9/11 if Arabs hadn't been portrayed so negatively in Hollywood movies for the past 40 years, even though there was no hard evidence linking the attack to Osama (if you don't already know the video was fake, you can look it up. It's not Osama in the video, doesn't even look like him. Not even close.), or "Islamofascists" at all? Or that we just accept the fact that Bush lied to us about WMDs and started an unprovoked, unconstitutional, preemptive war against Iraq, and keep on like nothing happened? Why are people not outraged? That isn't even the first time its happened either. Every war since WWI has been sold to the public through manipulation of the people and are based upon lies. It is because we are conditioned to believe that whatever the US does is righteous and good due to the way elementary and middle school is taught (bias). Or maybe we're just used to doublethinking.

Free your mind and beware of doublethink and groupthink. To make any changes in the world, we must first have a revolution of the mind. Sorry this is so incoherent, the whole thing is just too big and all over the place.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Light and Gravity

Yesterday I had a crazy "revelation" of sorts where I decided that gravitational energy may be the opposite to light energy. To see this, we will have to look at light and gravity in their most extreme forms.

Light in its most extreme form is the photon. The photon is pure light energy, with no mass (no gravitational energy) and no volume, that travels at the speed of light (because it is light). The speed of light theoretically is the speed at which time stands still. Things that get closer to the speed of light will experience a slower passage of time, but also an elongation of its physical properties. However, the speed of light is also an asymptote which things can attempt to approach but never reach. Therefore, light exists outside of Time itself.

The photon energy will never degrade, because it does not experience Time, or change. It is essentially infinite energy.

So essentially, the photon is: (infinite light energy, no gravitational energy (mass), no volume (does not take up space)

Gravitational energy at its most extreme is in the form of the singularity of a black hole. It is an object with no light energy, infinite mass (or infinite gravitational energy), but with no volume. Interestingly, gravitational energy at its strongest is in fact even stronger than light energy, as not even light can escape the event horizon of a black hole. This energy is infinite, and will also never degrade (though smaller black holes are believed to "die" eventually).

So the singularity is: (no light energy, infinite gravitational energy (mass), no volume (does not take up space)

Remember when I was posting about the Absolute, Spirit, and All? This fits perfectly into the original philosophy in that gravity is the cause that set the events in motion that eventually led to the present. Gravity and light are the two aspects of the Spirit (on the highest level)! They are both intangible forces that are outside of physical existence, but one outside of Time itself while the other within Time. Both are infinite forms of energy. And I'm not sure about this one, but I remember reading somewhere or something that all physical objects are mere vibrations of light energy. Let me know if you know if that claim has merit, because it would definitely be integral to this theory.

However, this is still in the process of figuring out, as there are certain peculiar properties of both forces, such as the fact that when antimatter reacts with matter, they from photon (not literally Nothing). Let me know what you think of this, or if you have criticism, or if you disagree. I need to know. I feel like I'm really close to something but I just can't fully grasp it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Everything and Nothing Revised

So I was thinking about the theory again and something still did not add up. The Material-self cannot be the opposite of the Spirit-self. Then it occurred to me: matter and anti-matter. There are literally, two planes of existence that cannot intersect each other and are complete opposites, the matter world and the anti-matter world, as when matter is created, the same amount of anti-matter is also created. Therefore, somewhere out there, there is the exact same amount of anti-matter to counteract the matter in our universe. Of course, to them, we are the anti-matter. What's intriguing about matter and anti-matter is that when they come into contact with each other, they literally form Nothing, which further supports the theory that everything exists only because they have an equal opposite to counteract its own existence, meaning everything is nothing, basically.

So therefore, the opposite of the Spirit of a material object is the "anti-Spirit", or the Spirit of the anti-matter of that material. If this is true, then when one reverts back to the Spirit-self, they will find peace in that they are as close to Nothing as possible, but Nothingness is unattainable in this practice. So this means a complete rethinking of the previous theory. I will put it up later.

It also seems that Mathematics is extremely demonstrative of this. Take any simple mathematical expression, for example 1 + 1 = 2, and it is demonstrative of the balance of the world. The = represents the Nothing, while on either sides represents the duality. If you moved the two from one side to the other, it will form 0, or Nothing. In the same way, any Mathematical expression involving an equal sign is demonstrative of this property (if it is true). Numbers can be considered the Material, while the Spirit of positive numbers would be the concept of 1/infinity, which is the fundamental building block of all numbers. The First Number that caused the rest. The anti-spirit of Numbers would be -1/infinity, of which all Negative numbers are built upon. I also personally don't believe that a number can exist without it's opposite (not reciprocal), as all numbers have an opposite. Ex: 3 and -3, 432.3256 and -432.3256, and so on. Numbers are somehow key to understanding our universe and mathematics, or the manipulation of numbers (specifically 0, the only True Number, I consider, as all other numbers are equal to zero because of their opposite counterpart), and somehow it is the logic our universe is built upon.

Please give me some feedback though, as I'm bound to make mistakes in my reasoning.

Oh yea happy 2008! RON PAUL 2008!