Sunday, February 3, 2008

The New World Order Paradigm and How They Control Us

I risk sounding like a crazy "conspiracy loony" but I have come to believe that the New World Order is in motion and will be established in the near future (within the next 50 years or so). I believe this not because of theories but due to facts. The underhanded nature of the implementation of the North American Union is the first tip off that it is probably not something that is in the best interest of the people. Otherwise, it would have been laid out on the table, rather than being secretly agreed upon and then disregarded as "myth" in the mainstream media. In fact, you can find the documents that prove that the plans for NAU is past the drawing board. For example, look up the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), or you could go to the Council on Foreign Relations website, and do a search for globalization and sovereignty. Oh by the way, all of the major candidates who are running in the 2008 election are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is NOT PART OF THE GOVERNMENT. It is a Rockefeller funded group. I say this with the exception of Obama, though his wife is rumored to be in the Illinois Chapter of the CFR. Ron Paul also is not CFR, but McCain, Romney, and Hillary (along with Bill) are all CFR.. Is there really much of a choice?

So to be clear, in this writing, globalization and New World Order (NWO) will mean the same thing. The more I thought about this, the more obvious it became. The NWO is at such an advanced stage right now that it may be near impossible to stop it. This is because the NWO Paradigm is now. What is the NWO Paradigm, you might ask. I will list out what I consider to be characteristic of this artificially generated culture (and then I will go into details for each of them):

1) Gross emphasis on money
Remember when people used to say "money can't buy happiness" and it was truth? Well, these days, people (by people I mean the masses, the general population) are conditioned to view material possessions as happiness, as material possessions are also associated with social standings. To be even more literal, you can buy pharmaceutical drugs tailored to your own liking (don't like hydrocodone? try some oxycodone instead!) to literally bring happiness (unnaturally, but happiness nonetheless). Think about how many people marry for the money, or worse, divorce for the money.

2) Conditioned self-alienation
People are conditioned to see differences between themselves and others rather than similarities. Thus, the individual becomes all-important (the Me Generation) to the point of selfishness (Why should I work if I won't be rewarded? Why should I care about you? etc). This prevents the people from grouping together and therefore becoming strong.

3) Belief that the individual is powerless
Since most people seek to set themselves apart from others, they have become individuals. People have been stripped of their sense of power and therefore, are under the impression that they have no power in the way the world is run and believe that either their votes don't count, or don't care about it one way or the other.

4) The romanticizing of the rich lifestyle (aka pleasure)
This is self-explanatory and ties in with the first. Ever watch Cribs? Or wonder why Paris Hilton is so famous with absolutely no talent?

5) Arrogance
The idea that one is rightfully better than someone else. However, in the NWO style of this trait, it is "justified" in that status is quantifiable based upon material possessions (I have a better car than you, therefore I am better). Arrogance is an inherently human trait. The NWO merely perpetuates it and takes advantage of this. In fact, most of these things in the list are directly related to common human traits that those in power use exploit us.

6) A constant state of both Double Apathy and Double Ignorance
People are kept apathetic of their own apathy and ignorant of their own ignorance. In essence, they don't care that they don't care, and don't know that they don't know. This mixed with arrogance is the ultimate form of mind-slavery in which the individual does not know that they are not free.

7) The emphasis of the here and now
People seem to only care about the here and now, and are so close to Orwellian "doublethinking" it is scary. Remember when Bush said there were WMDs in Iraq and was proven to be completely wrong? Why isn't that a big deal? People still believe the government is completely trustworthy. Is it going to be buried in history like the Gulf of Tonkin? Remember when Bush was talking about how Iran had WMDs and was proven wrong? Why isn't that a big deal? All these things are proven, and yet people just shrug it off as if it were nothing.

All of these ideas are being forced down the throats of the youth, and they love every bit of it. I can say this because I am a part of the group known as the 'youth'. Popular music these days are nothing more than NWO propaganda. Listen to some Lil' Wayne (or actually ANY mainstream hip hop/rap). He's horrible, but people love him. His beats are generic, his rhymes are generic, and all he ever raps about is having lots of money, bitches (sex), and drugs (pleasure), and this is what my generation looks up to. Or how about that Crank Dat Soulja Boy shit? I am just amazed that people can't separate real art (music) from commercialized music full of product placements and just the glorification of the life of excess and pleasure while reason and thought are pushed out of the picture. And what about the TV? The talking picture box? Watch some of the shows such as Cribs, or all those stupid game shows where people go on to do embarrassing things for money. The point is, money drugs and sex is being glorified wherever we turn. Now I'm not saying those things are completely bad. They are awesome and they feel awesome, BUT it is not the end all and that is not what life is about.

The truth is kept from the people, but much of it is in plain sight. For example, look at the 9/11 Commission Report. Why does it not mention building 7? Because it collapsed, straight down, inward, just like buildings 1 and 2 (the towers), or because it only had fires visible on TWO floors of the 40 something story tall sky scraper? Basically anything about 9/11 that could not be explained in the way those in power wanted it to be explained were left out of the report. Look up the sketchy circumstances (such as not under oath, Bush and Cheney to appear together, etc) under which Bush and Cheney attended the meetings of the 9/11 Commission Report.

Our bias is programmed, and we still think we are free. Good examples of this programming or "anchoring" include, the negative connotations associated with the term "conspiracy" and the way the word is used in the mainstream media, and also through disinformation (publishing fake, outrageous conspiracy theories to discredit the legit ones). Therefore, people have (due to their arrogance) come to ridicule "conspiracy nuts" when it should be perfectly acceptable, if not encouraged to question the government. Also the idea that the government is inherently good. This is enforced through years of elementary and middle school "social studies" classes. Or the fact that the Holocaust can never be questioned. There are tons of worse atrocities throughout history and yet most are under the impression that 1) the Holocaust is the worst atrocity in human history and 2) Mostly Jews were killed. In actuality, about 6 of 12 million killed were Jews, and yet in the official definition of the Holocaust, it only references Jews:

"The Holocaust:

The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. "Holocaust" is a word of Greek origin meaning "sacrifice by fire." The Nazis, who came to power in Germany in January 1933, believed that Germans were "racially superior" and that the Jews, deemed "inferior," were an alien threat to the so-called German racial community."

This would be perfectly fine if it didn't define "Holocaust" as specifically "the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators." This is a problem because it is not inclusive. If it were to say

"The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately twelve million people by the Nazi regime and its collaborators."

then it would be perfectly acceptable. If Jewish deaths made up of say, 80-90% of the total death toll, it would be acceptable to say define "Holocaust" the way it is in the quote. But since they made up of about half of the total death toll (6 of 12 million), to only recognize them without the others is just plain misleading. There are minor references to other ethnic groups, but they are not part of the definition of Holocaust.

And I say this like it doesn't have to be Jews. If 6 million Poles were killed and 3 million Jews were killed (basically switched numbers), and only Poles were mentioned, there would be something wrong there too. Basically, what I am saying about this is that the Holocaust is misconstrued as a wholly Jewish event. Yes, it is not true, and all who look at the event beyond a superficial level will tell you that, but you have to admit, it is what the Holocaust is associated with, and that the general people who have a superficial conception of the Holocaust directly associates it with Jewish people in concentration camps.

But of course, anything on that subject against the mainstream would make me an anti-semite, even if I were to have a point. To those who believe that the Holocaust must be taught so much so that it won't happen again, are you saying that the wholesale genocide of the tens of millions of Native Americans, the taking of their land, and the destroying of their lifestyle and livelihood is not important enough to want to prevent? So there is some obvious bias here, as it is not generally taught. Again, you have to look at it from the perspective of the average citizen. Just because you know about this, doesn't mean other people all know this fact. Even if they did know, it does not stir up the intense emotions like the Holocaust does. Why? Anchoring. The bias is even more visible when you look to the Asian theater of WWII where the Japanese committed atrocities on such a large scale that it is arguable "worse" than the Holocaust, and yet, there is no overall term to express the events. It is a good example of the bias, as it happened during the same time period. If you really look into the Asian atrocities, you would probably agree with me that it is definitely on the same scale and level of "horribleness" as the Holocaust. The Holocaust is "anchored" into us through the use of trauma, by showing us horrible pictures when we were so young. I mean Anne Frank's diary is pretty scary and intense for an elementary school audience, and many aspects of the Holocaust are probably forever embedded in your memory due to pictures, videos, or things you were forced to read in school at a tender and impressionable age. In fact, most people have never heard of the atrocities in Asia, as it is only mentioned a couple times in school. I just don't think it is right that questioning the Holocaust is so taboo that it is outright illegal in certain countries. And if you do, you are automatically an anti-semite. Now I'm not saying that the Holocaust didn't happen or anything, I just believe that any event, concept, or truth should be subject to query and scrutiny, and that it's sketchy that the Holocaust is not, while everything else in history is heavily debated. I feel like I have to explain myself a whole lot on this issue because it is so deeply anchored to emotions within all of us. I do not dislike Jews or anything like that, just to be clear. I am just pointing out that the conditioned reaction to the Holocaust is a prime example of anchoring. Yet another would be the association of "terrorist" with "Muslim". Terrorists can be of any nationality, faith, and background.

To be clear, here is a link to the wiki about what "anchoring" is.

What I have listed is not a "comprehensive list", but rather things that I can list off of the top of my head. If you think about the reasons why you do certain things, why you make certain decisions, or if you read a few sentences of something and think "that's bullshit", and stop reading without considering the other person's point of view, you will begin to realize what I am talking about. Most of our decisions are of free will, but the important ones our views are so biased that we believe we are making our own decisions, but we are merely deciding based upon our preconditioned biases.

Anyway, this is the New World Culture that is being spread all over the world. You can see this as extremely evident in China or other "Westernizing" nations. You can argue that the cultures are different, but what the focuses for the masses are have become one and the same: getting rich so one can better themselves (Me Generation). In fact, if I remember correctly, in China recently, a teenage girl's father committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge because his daughter idolized some celebrity "teen idol" and when she finally met him, he didn't really respond to her in any significant way. Why did he kill himself though? Because he spent a lot of money to create the circumstances in which his daughter got to meet this celebrity, even though the reasoning for her quest is completely superficial (he is soo rich + hot!).

So essentially, in the mind of the father, life without money is not worth living. And this is not even a shocking state of mind, as most people right now believe this too. This is just retarded. How can you let something man-made determine if your life is worth living? We let money have value, not the other way around.

This is the epitome of the New World Culture. Buy buy buy, consume consume consume, enjoy enjoy enjoy, just pay no attention to what's going on outside of your own little bubble.

So to sum up basically what I am saying:

1) The New World Culture serves only to distract and divide the general populace, causing the individual to feel powerless, and also to keep the masses in a state of mind-slavery. It is already in effect and is spreading. Essentially, it serves to take power away from the people and places it in the hands of a few ruling elite. Free your mind.

2) We are programmed with biases through the barrage of the media. In fact, we've become so used to this that most people no longer form their own opinions, but rather take someone else's stance that they agree (mostly) with. Most of the time, people get their opinions and biases from the media. For example, would the American people so readily accept that it was the Osama (a Muslim) who carried out 9/11 if Arabs hadn't been portrayed so negatively in Hollywood movies for the past 40 years, even though there was no hard evidence linking the attack to Osama (if you don't already know the video was fake, you can look it up. It's not Osama in the video, doesn't even look like him. Not even close.), or "Islamofascists" at all? Or that we just accept the fact that Bush lied to us about WMDs and started an unprovoked, unconstitutional, preemptive war against Iraq, and keep on like nothing happened? Why are people not outraged? That isn't even the first time its happened either. Every war since WWI has been sold to the public through manipulation of the people and are based upon lies. It is because we are conditioned to believe that whatever the US does is righteous and good due to the way elementary and middle school is taught (bias). Or maybe we're just used to doublethinking.

Free your mind and beware of doublethink and groupthink. To make any changes in the world, we must first have a revolution of the mind. Sorry this is so incoherent, the whole thing is just too big and all over the place.


ViølatoR said...

I like your use of "The New World (Order) Culture," because it is really a whole culture that has usurped original American ideals. You really hit the nail on the head with what is being done to the culture. People are way way way too self serving and way too damn ignorant; and additionally too lazy and apathetic to even learn how ignorant they are. And you're right about conspiracy theorists being presented in a negative light. And "anchoring" is used by all members of the media (CFR members all), to condition people to link "9-11 truthers" with "crazy nut jobs." Just like anti-war people being represented as dirty-hippies, while Ron Paul has pointed out that 'anti-war' is what the conservative party is supposed to be about.

And I too think that it has gone way too far, maybe so far in this direction that it would take an earth shattering event just to open up an oppertunity to turn things around. Though I try to stay optomistic like Jake Kotze at The Brave New World Order blog, but right now that optomism doesn't seem justified.

Attempting to Know said...

Thanks. But yea, I want to stay optimistic but it is getting increasingly harder. I just hope that people will catch on before it's too late!!

hashbrowns said...

Good God, it doesnt get scarier than this. Im terrified. At times I would read the same paragraph over and over again as i couldnt believe what im reading.