Monday, January 21, 2008

Light and Gravity

Yesterday I had a crazy "revelation" of sorts where I decided that gravitational energy may be the opposite to light energy. To see this, we will have to look at light and gravity in their most extreme forms.

Light in its most extreme form is the photon. The photon is pure light energy, with no mass (no gravitational energy) and no volume, that travels at the speed of light (because it is light). The speed of light theoretically is the speed at which time stands still. Things that get closer to the speed of light will experience a slower passage of time, but also an elongation of its physical properties. However, the speed of light is also an asymptote which things can attempt to approach but never reach. Therefore, light exists outside of Time itself.

The photon energy will never degrade, because it does not experience Time, or change. It is essentially infinite energy.

So essentially, the photon is: (infinite light energy, no gravitational energy (mass), no volume (does not take up space)

Gravitational energy at its most extreme is in the form of the singularity of a black hole. It is an object with no light energy, infinite mass (or infinite gravitational energy), but with no volume. Interestingly, gravitational energy at its strongest is in fact even stronger than light energy, as not even light can escape the event horizon of a black hole. This energy is infinite, and will also never degrade (though smaller black holes are believed to "die" eventually).

So the singularity is: (no light energy, infinite gravitational energy (mass), no volume (does not take up space)

Remember when I was posting about the Absolute, Spirit, and All? This fits perfectly into the original philosophy in that gravity is the cause that set the events in motion that eventually led to the present. Gravity and light are the two aspects of the Spirit (on the highest level)! They are both intangible forces that are outside of physical existence, but one outside of Time itself while the other within Time. Both are infinite forms of energy. And I'm not sure about this one, but I remember reading somewhere or something that all physical objects are mere vibrations of light energy. Let me know if you know if that claim has merit, because it would definitely be integral to this theory.

However, this is still in the process of figuring out, as there are certain peculiar properties of both forces, such as the fact that when antimatter reacts with matter, they from photon (not literally Nothing). Let me know what you think of this, or if you have criticism, or if you disagree. I need to know. I feel like I'm really close to something but I just can't fully grasp it.


ViølatoR said...

Hmm Light-&-Gravity. Makes me think of the 2 freemasonic pillars, or tarot card #2 of the High Priestess (female=holy spirit in the trinity). The black pillar is the black-hole or gravity extreme, and the white pillar is white light, or all wavelengths possible at once.

Attempting to Know said...

Hmm yea. I think that light (brightness) is the physical property of Light while its energy is beyond the physical world, while mass is the physical property of gravity, and gravitational energy is also beyond the physical world.

I guess I'm saying that light energy is the Spirit of light, while gravity is the Spirit of mass?

Could it be "divine" energy vs "dark" energy?