Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Everything and Nothing Revised

So I was thinking about the theory again and something still did not add up. The Material-self cannot be the opposite of the Spirit-self. Then it occurred to me: matter and anti-matter. There are literally, two planes of existence that cannot intersect each other and are complete opposites, the matter world and the anti-matter world, as when matter is created, the same amount of anti-matter is also created. Therefore, somewhere out there, there is the exact same amount of anti-matter to counteract the matter in our universe. Of course, to them, we are the anti-matter. What's intriguing about matter and anti-matter is that when they come into contact with each other, they literally form Nothing, which further supports the theory that everything exists only because they have an equal opposite to counteract its own existence, meaning everything is nothing, basically.

So therefore, the opposite of the Spirit of a material object is the "anti-Spirit", or the Spirit of the anti-matter of that material. If this is true, then when one reverts back to the Spirit-self, they will find peace in that they are as close to Nothing as possible, but Nothingness is unattainable in this practice. So this means a complete rethinking of the previous theory. I will put it up later.

It also seems that Mathematics is extremely demonstrative of this. Take any simple mathematical expression, for example 1 + 1 = 2, and it is demonstrative of the balance of the world. The = represents the Nothing, while on either sides represents the duality. If you moved the two from one side to the other, it will form 0, or Nothing. In the same way, any Mathematical expression involving an equal sign is demonstrative of this property (if it is true). Numbers can be considered the Material, while the Spirit of positive numbers would be the concept of 1/infinity, which is the fundamental building block of all numbers. The First Number that caused the rest. The anti-spirit of Numbers would be -1/infinity, of which all Negative numbers are built upon. I also personally don't believe that a number can exist without it's opposite (not reciprocal), as all numbers have an opposite. Ex: 3 and -3, 432.3256 and -432.3256, and so on. Numbers are somehow key to understanding our universe and mathematics, or the manipulation of numbers (specifically 0, the only True Number, I consider, as all other numbers are equal to zero because of their opposite counterpart), and somehow it is the logic our universe is built upon.

Please give me some feedback though, as I'm bound to make mistakes in my reasoning.

Oh yea happy 2008! RON PAUL 2008!


ViølatoR said...

I have thought long and hard about duality/nonduality and things versus no-things and so on. You comments about antimatter remind me of something I said before... but my memory isn't quite good enough to exactly remember what the heck it was. Anyways I've read that when anti-matter contacts matter there is a 100% energy conversion. Not sure if that true or even possible, but it would make sence considering the highest state of existance would be pure energy. So when your physical/matter being contacts your anti-matter being at death, you transform into pure energy or pure being. If I remember what I thought before about matter/anitmatter I'll tell you, but it's unlikely considering my memory.

Attempting to Know said...

Yea, I was just expanding on an earlier post in which I was thinking that the Spirit was the opposite of the Material, but I realized that there are two kinds of Material (regular and anti), so thus there must be two types of Spirits as well, but I have to think it out some more. I'm also thinking that the opposite of time is no change, and that the opposite of light energy might be gravity.

ViølatoR said...

Hmm the oppoiste of our normal precieved time would be time moving from future to past, like echo waves and such. But the opposite of all time... it could be a state of no-change, and would have to be without time as a measurement, but it could also be seen as the singularity of the entire universe existing as one whole (Past-Future) in one moment. It would embody all change possible, but it would all exist in a single moment so there could be no change measured over any amount of time...

Anyways, Speaking of spirits I was thinking about that recently as well. I read something (I cannot recall right now) where some guy had an asteral travel experience or maybe drug trip, but anyways he saw 2 beings on the asteral plane and the beings said that they were actually one thing, but that the human mind splits it into two halves. This reminded me of the Egyptian/alchemical/hermetical theory of the two sevles and that we all have a twin on the asteral plane (or second earth plane?) who is the opposite of us (opposite sex as well). And this reminds me of various other things like Luke Skywalker fighting his 'evil' self when training with Yoda. Or in the TV show Heroes, a girl has a dual personality and she switches to the evil one, or back again, everytime she looks into a mirror (alice through the looking glass). Or Jim Carrey's alternate ego in The Number 23. And many other things as well which I cannot even remember right now.

seth said...

Read Manly Hall's book "Lectures on Ancient Philosophy." It deals with what you are trying to investigate. You're on the right track. Keep thinking... The Egyptians had it all figured out long before now. - TM