Friday, December 28, 2007

Epiphany: Everything and Nothing

I was told before by a friend of mine that we are Everything and Nothing. All is Everything and Nothing together. I finally understood what this meant last night when I was attempting to explain this concept to someone else.

The Absolute, or the world that we live in, what we perceive, is beyond human comprehension. It is fundamentally All and Nothing at the same time. This is due to the principle of Duality. All things are two in nature, opposites. Without one, the opposite cannot exist, and when one comes into existence, the other must too. For example, when the concept of car comes into existence, the concept of not-car simultaneously comes into existence. When light came into existence, it also created darkness. In fact, even the Absolute, being the Everything and the Nothing, is in itself a Duality. This principle is most profound in the process of creating matter. Whenever matter is created, anti-matter is created along with it, in the same amount. Basically, anti-matter is the same as matter, except it has the opposite properties of its matter counterpart. When anti-matter comes into contact with matter, they 'annihilate' or form Nothing, aka cease to exist.

This is why reality is both Everything and Nothing. It all cancels out. We all spawned from Nothing. Everything spawned out of Nothing, and yet it is also still equivalent to Nothing. Imagine Nothing as pure vast emptiness. Non-existence. Space. It is perfect. It is infinitely vast, and infinitely small. It neither grows nor decays, because all things grow out of Nothing and decay back into Nothing. The ancients, knowing that the Absolute is incomprehensible, represented this concept with a dot in the center of a blank slate or paper, to represent the closest to the Absolute that we can comprehend; the First that was not Nothing: Spirit. This Dot is of the same nature as the Hebrew Yod. However, it still destroys the perfection of the Absolute as it is no longer Nothing. It is no longer perfect. The Spirit is the seed of everything. In essence, the Spirit spawns from Nothing, and so does the Substance, but neither can exist without the other, canceling each other out to equal the Nothing. The Substance, or Material-self is the material manifestation of the Spirit. The Material-self is created in and interacts with the world of Substance. The Spirit-self is the inner-self that heavily influences the Material-self and I am starting to believe that depression and mental problems stem from the Material-self's rejection of it's Spirit counterpart (or rejection of the Truth). The Spirit is the true self, as close to the Universal Self as possible. It manifests itself whenever we dream or hallucinate and I believe the reason dreams and hallucinations can become scary is because our Spirit-self may manifest a part of itself that our Material-self is not willing to accept. For example, a dream about dying is scary because your Material-self cannot accept what your Spirit-self already knows: we will all die someday.

Before anything (not just people) manifest in the physical realm, their Spirit comes into existence first, and throughout the ages, the Spirit has come to be known as God, the creator. And we've all heard the saying that God is within everything. This is true, as God is the Spirit, the first that was not Nothing, in everything. Before there was table, there was the Spirit of table (concept of table). Your spirit is the concept of you. When you discover you like a certain subject, it is only your Material-self making this discovery; your Spirit-self is already predisposed to like that subject. The opposite of this example would be someone who works in a cubicle and hates it. They may not know it but the reason they hate working in a cubicle is due to a disharmony between the Material and the Spirit-self because their Spirit-self is predisposed to hate working in a cubicle. Therefore to "know God" (and find peace) is to know your Spirit-self.

This is best exemplified in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Vedanism as the goal is to understand the Spirit-self (god) and return it back to the Nothing, or the Universal Self, or Brahman, Nirvana, Enlightenment, etc. "I am the dewdrop returning to the Sea." To become Nothing again, I believe, requires one to completely understand their Spirit-self and make their Material-self One with their Spirit-self, canceling each other out to form Nothing; pure inner peace.

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