Thursday, February 21, 2008


Clairvoyance is generally considered to be a "paranormal" phenomenon and also generally considered to be not real. I contest that, as I have experienced it and have used it while purposefully trying for it. Here is the story:

It was a couple years back, I think it might have been my Junior year summer in high school, and I was bored as hell. It was probably around 2 in the afternoon and I was watching this show on the History Channel on something called "remote viewing". Apparently the CIA or whatever had been developing it in the 80s to counter the Soviet ESP programs, and that it was one of the few ideas that actually got past the drawing board and was implemented on certain missions. So long story short, Remote Viewing was essentially clairvoyance made into a step-by-step method.

I was very intrigued by this, so of course, I immediately went over to my computer and googled it. Oh and I don't know if this made a difference, but I also smoked a bowl of pot beforehand. So I was high, but not stoned. One of the first hits that came up on google when I searched Remote Viewing was this site (which I can't find now, but it's been a couple years, so it might have been shut down) that claimed to teach you, for free. So I thought, what have I got to lose? and clicked on it.

The method was simple enough. First, you must have a question in mind that you want to answer. It has to be a completely open-ended question, as in no yes/no or multiple choice questions. This is to prevent bias within your mind. After you have determined what you want to find out, you must clear your mind (this is the hard part) completely of all thoughts. This takes about 15-30 minutes to achieve. Once this is achieved, the third step is to meditate on the question, and to remember the random images, feelings, ideas, etc that suddenly pop up. You do this for about 15 minutes, until finally you write down/draw what you saw or felt or whatever.

So to test this out, they have a "test page" which is just a basic page filled with hundreds of links, each labeled "picture 1", "picture 2", etc. The goal of this is to predict the picture before you click on the link. My first two attempts were to no avail, but my third try:

I decided this time to focus on a sound until it was all that I was thinking about, and then I stopped thinking about it, and thus my mind was clear. I asked myself in my mind "what is picture # (whatever I forget)" and focused on it. About a couple minutes later, I began to see flashes of red and green, culminating to a sudden flash of a silhouette of what looked like a person with one arm back ending in a spherical shape. I decided that it was a person holding a basketball back with one hand. Anyway, that was pretty much all that came to me after 10 minutes, so I decided to write down "red + green" and drew out a basic outline of the shape that I saw. I also wrote down "basketball player?". I then clicked on the link, and although it was not a person playing basketball like I thought, it was in fact a woman playing tennis! The racket was what made the spherical shape! And whats more is that she was playing on a red and green tennis court! That really tripped me out and I had to try again to be sure.

So on my fourth attempt (the third being my first success), I followed the same procedure of focusing on a sound and then not thinking about it to clear my mind. This time, I saw mushroom shapes, so I drew it out. Sure enough, the picture was of a pile of glass mushrooms! At this point, I came to the conclusion that clairvoyance is indeed real, as it is statistically impossible for me to guess a random picture, let alone twice. From this moment on, my perspective on the possible and impossible has changed drastically and is probably the event that opened my mind. It is interesting, no?

I am not sure if smoking the bowl had helped me concentrate and clear my mind. However, after successfully using remote viewing twice in a row, I began to think about why it worked. I think we are always constantly picking up thoughts and ideas, but we are just unable to differentiate what we receive from what we think up in our minds. This is why the clearing of the mind is so crucial, because you are no longer thinking up new thoughts, only receiving. The random ideas that pop up are what you receive.

To further reaffirm my belief in this, a few months ago, at the university courtyard, I randomly met this guy and we quickly developed a friendship. We started talking about the meaning of the universe and all that, and somehow we began to talk about how clairvoyance was real, and he claimed to have done it too, and tries to use it on a daily basis. I was trying to explain him my method (which is what I explained above), but before I could finish, he completed my sentence! We used the exact same method! He said to me, "people go about it the wrong way, trying to find the answer by believing that clairvoyance is a power, but clairvoyance is really being powerless and becoming the receiver." Well, something along those lines. What tripped me out was that shortly after I had my Everything and Nothing epiphany, he calls me right after I get out of my class, even though we had not spoken for a couple months (so he could not have known my schedule) as he had moved away after the first semester, and tells me that he had a feeling that I had figured out something new about the universe and asked me to tell him what I knew!

I hope to have changed some minds on this subject, but I personally believe that there is much more that our mind can do and that what my friend and I have experienced is only the tip of the iceberg, and that this power may be amplified through use of psychedelics such as certain mushrooms.

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Paul Burke said...

I could tell you some amazing stories about coincidences in timing of events and moments but suffice to say I repeatably get hit over the head with synchronicity that it makes me just smile and shake my head. Just because we can not see it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I didn't put this world here yet I live in it - the only thing left to say "isn't it amazing" (Jim Morrison and the Doors)