Saturday, May 23, 2009

Equilibrium, Tetragrammaton, New World Order?

I just saw the movie Equilibrium. It is a pretty decent movie, though it borrowed a lot from distopian classics such as 1984, Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, and the like.

The basic gist of the story is this: after a THIRD WORLD WAR, the people [probably led by the media] of the world decide that there is too much suffering and there must be an end to war [HMM], and the answer comes in the form of a totalitarian fascist world government. The people are flooded with propaganda and the figurehead of the world regime is an entity known as Father. Everyone is also required to take daily shots of Prozium which removes all emotion and all art and things that instill emotion are burned and destroyed. Those caught with "Sense Offense" are taken to the incinerator.

The main character, John Preston, is a member of an elite guard/police force, and is in fact the best of the best. Interestingly, the name of the police force is called the Tetragrammaton Clerics.

In fact, the main symbol of their government is the Tetragrammaton itself, and is usually represented by the Tetragrammaton Cross, which also appears sometimes in the muzzle flashes of the Tetragrammaton Clerics' guns.

So why is the Tetragrammaton important? Well, as most of those informed know, the New World Order is not only political, but it is in fact mostly an occult agenda. See Lucis Trust [originally Lucifer Trust], the UN, Share International, the UN meditation room, Julian Huxley [once vice president and also president of the British Eugenics Society] + UNESCO + WWF + Planned Parenthood, Alister Crowley, Alice Bailey, HP Blavatsky, Humanism, theosophy, and the list goes on and on.

So anyway, what is the Tetragrammaton?

The Tetragrammaton is an occult mystic symbol, specifically from Kabbalism, or Jewish mysticism. The Tetragrammaton, or the Great Four Letters are the following: Yod He Vau He, and is the great and unpronounceable sacred word, YHVH. This is where terms like Jehovah and Yahweh come from.

The Tetragrammaton is now and has been part of mystery traditions for thousands of years. Here is the Rosicrucian manifestation of this symbol, as incorporated into the Rosy Cross:

Anyway, the god represented by the Tetragrammaton, or the god of the bible, is called by the occultists/mystery schools the Demiurge or Demiurgus. The Demiurgus is the lowest of the gods, and is creator of the physical universe, or the material realm, which is considered the lowest realm. The Demiurgus is seen by the occultists/mystery schools as a malevolent force whose purpose is to keep man in ignorance.

This is demonstrated in the Garden of Eden in which man is kept in ignorance [nonoccultists/christians claim purity] of the world with all the other plants and animals.

-->16 And the LORD God commanded the man, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; 17 but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat of it you will surely die."
Genesis 2:16-17

Here, the god represented by the Tetragrammaton is obviously lying to man.

The occultists believe that it is Lucifer who comes in the form of a serpent to save mankind from ignorance, or Darkness. In fact, Lucifer is actually the noun form of the Latin word "lucis" which means "of light" [Lucifer = Latin for "he who is of light", "light bringer", "morning star", etc.]

The gift of Lucifer is the Intellect [according to occult beliefs], or the Rising Sun, so that one day we may become the Sun in the sky, or gods ourselves. This is the also same occult principle behind the Osirian Cycle [Horus the Rising Sun]. What is the ideology of New Ageism and all the stuff that the UN promotes? That god is within rather that without and that we are all gods. Intriguing?

The bible also clearly shows this:

-->2 The woman said to the serpent, "We may eat fruit from the trees in the garden, 3 but God did say, 'You must not eat fruit from the tree that is in the middle of the garden, and you must not touch it, or you will die.' "

4 "You will not surely die," the serpent said to the woman. 5 "For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."
Genesis 3:2-5

So it is clear that this is the message of the New World Religion [New Ageism].

You see, the occultists do not literally believe that there was actually a deity named YHVH or another one named Lucifer, but that they are all manifestations of human nature itself. And they are able to use these principles to manipulate the masses as they realize that all trends are the manifestations of qualities of human nature itself.

In fact, even the NWO is a manifestation of qualities of human nature. The Sun Cult, as opposed to the Moon Cult, is the Cult in which the elites belong to, and for thousands of years the two opposing ideologies clashed. The Sun Cult represents the MALE principle of human nature, while the Moon Cult represents the FEMALE principle. The elites behind the New World Order hail from the Sun Cult and that is why they refer to themselves as the Illuminati, and often adorn their monuments and works with sun symbolism. This is why they erect obelisks, pyramids, and so on which is a dedication to the PENIS and the SUN. This is why their god is LUCIFER, the Light [or The SUN], who represents the intellect. The list goes on and on.

Today, the Cult of the Sun [or the MALE PRINCIPLE] is about to take over the world, and that is the New World Order.

The male principles are thus: law, order, intellect, civilization, war, planned, make things happen, etc.

The female principles are thus: anarchy, disorder, emotion, nature, peace, spontaneous, lets things happen, etc.

So anyway, in the movie Equilibrium, it not only contained the New World Order society and outline of how it happened, it also contained esoteric occult symbolism in that the Tetragrammaton is what keeps everyone in ignorance of the IMMATERIAL quality of what makes us human. You can also see that the world of Equilibrium is the domination of the MALE PRINCIPLE, and the wholesale suppression of the FEMALE PRINCIPLE [punishable by death].



ViølatoR said...

Presumably, "equlibirium" is the state reached by the main character at the end of the movie when he re-incorporates his right-brain emotional aspects. I've seen the movie once, but I'm gonna have to see that movie again. Usually I don't "take notes" until the second viewing so I think I missed a lot of the hidden stuff.

Attempting to Know said...

Looking over what I wrote, I forgot to make clear that Bale's character is a direct allegory for Lucifer.

Anonymous said...

Help me out here please lol.....

So do occultists believe in a supernatural God? or is it just a metaphor for a 'connection' with the unconscious?

If God is immaterial, and within us, how is the NWO suppressing this by making us worship God? Do you mean that it is an external god and not the natural beings that we are that are a part of the universe?

Is the demiurge a metaphor for the five senses?

If the NWO DONT BELIEVE literally in the gods or the sun as a god, why do they say we can become one?

Are you saying it is a lie to mask the truth that we are gods already?

If you could answer these questions I would be really pleased, thanks for reading. If you could also tie up nay loose ends that you suspect might be there from reading my questions then that would be great.

Attempting to Know said...

Hi Anonymous. Sorry this is a bit late, so I hope you still visit to read this.. but here is what I think.

The NWO does not really care about suppressing "god" or whatever. What they really care about in this area is to unite the world under one religion. A world state cannot be achieved if everyone is fighting over which religion is right. They pay homage to Lucifer because he is considered the giver of knowledge in occult tradition.

By "becoming gods" ourselves, I do not mean literal gods, but rather through knowledge, one can attain those attributes traditionally associated with god. For example, All Knowing can be achieved through more and more high tech surveillance technologies; All Powerful can be achieved by being able to shove a laser guided missile up your ass from the other side of the world.

As for whether or not occultists actually believe in a supernatural god, yes and no. They believe in supernatural forces/entities, but do not necessarily view them as gods. For example, look into Blavatsky or Benjamin Creme of Share International. They claim to channel spirits called the Ascended Masters. I will write a longer thing expounding on this later.

Anyways, I hope this helps/answers your questions! Also, do respond so I will know that you actually read this and that I didn't write this for nothing haha. And feel free to ask any other questions.

Alex R. said...

Thank you. It seemed evident to me that the movie had an NWO/Occult pulse. Just couldn't put my finger on it.

Anonymous said...

"satan" disguises himself as an angel of light, in attempts to mislead everyone "he" can. "he" blinds the eyes of the "wise", allowing them to think and feel that they are "gods" themselves. By highlighting the "Godly" aspects of humanity, "satan" convinces many that they are just like God Himself. "satan" "desires" to be God, and this attitude is manifested in his attributes. However, The Creator IS and always was, and simply "will prove to be who He shall prove to be". "YHWH" is the true, absolute, unmitigated be all/end all - This is stated clearly - YHWH is the Alpha and the Omega - period. Any attempt at being EQUAL to YHWH will fall short - this isn't cruel or unfair or unjust - it is the way it is, and part of being a "cherished creation" of "YHWH" is to simply be glad and accept that, as in this way we are happiest. Some cannot/will not. They do not see the Truth of things, they are blinded by their own ignorance and pride. You and I and everyone else are dust, chemicals, electrical signals - yet we can experience "life". You are subject to malfunctioning of any component of the dust that we are at any time. No matter what, the dust that we are can never be ultimate creators, Alpha/Omegas as "satan" would have you believe. Follow the lies of this one and ultimately death is the result. Its all clear with accurate scriptural understanding of the entirety of the bible in context. Do not be fooled or led astray. ALL scripture is beneficial and healthful, given to us from YHWH for our own benefit, not to suppress and withhold, but to guide us in understanding simply "The way it is". Consider the above, meditate on it. And don't be misled. "Be clear-minded and alert. Your opponent, the devil, is prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour."

David said...

No it's a really terrible movie. And I really hope they didn't call the authoritarian government Tetragrammaton because of what you say, but knowing Hollywood, I wouldn't put it past them.

David said...

It's funny, I'm an orthodox Jew, so I do actually believe G-d is Good (well I'm thankful he created us anyway), and all the jazz, but I always say the one thing you can never "prove" is that G-d wasn't lying to us. I actually believe in the veracity of the tora because it was given to all of my ancestors together at the same time in this incredible mass experience. So I don't doubt it all happened amnd that we've done a decent job of preserving it, but if He wanted to trick us all that would've been easy. Why wuould He do it? Who knows. We know nothing about Him really.

But that said, it's a little bit silly to say that Garden of Eden story gives it away. I mean if that were the case why would He have included it in the Bible? Obviously the story means something different than you (or the occultists?>) are saying. We (Jews) understand it to mean we were plugged into our physical desires by eating from the ets hadaat which is why they need clothes right after). Eating became a desire. before it was more like knowing that your gas tank was running on fumes. You don't crave gas, but you know you need it. We became slaves to our desires.

Also, we believe that we were meant to be immortal before they ate from the ets hadaat and now we die. Thus, it wasn't a lie at all. You can take it or leave it, but as I say, if it's a story that reflected negatively on G-d, He wouldn't have put it in the Bible...

But now I understand what you mean by Equilibrium being about that point of view. Hmmm... Maybe the book's better. The movie really is pretty bad.

Soontronics Com said...

Occultism has gone into wrong hands of rich and selfish people. This has always been a dangerous situation as DIVINITY is unable to make such people understand the basic laws of nature as these people have kept themselves subliminally programmed for generations. Hope my video will let them find some light...