Friday, July 9, 2010

Just some food for thought

There is a dirty secret among the elites, and it may be hard to believe: secret pedophilia rings? This sounds quite preposterous but please hear me out.

First of all, check out this documentary, called Conspiracy of Silence. It was produced for the Discovery Channel and scheduled to air on May 3rd, 1994. However, it never aired. A more complete description can be found on the beginning of the video. The documentary covered the Franklin Cover-up in which an investigation on then Senator Lawrence King for financial fraud led to a much more shocking discovery of a pedophile/drug ring; a conspiracy reaching all the way to the top. After watching the video, you will understand why it never aired. The documentary is very well made and also includes interviews with the victims.

Interestingly, a key supplier of young children was Boys Town, Nebraska, which is an organization that cares for and houses "at risk" children. It was originally founded by Father Flanagan as an orphanage for young boys. It is run by Catholic Priests.. and Catholic Priests are to pedophilia as prison is to getting raped. More interestingly, Father Flanagan was ordained with the Jesuits.

"Fr. Flanagan was ordained with the Jesuits at Innsbruck, Austria, July 26, 1912."

This is not the only case, nor was it the first. A more recent controversy that some may have already heard of is the Hollie Greig scandal in which a girl with downs syndrome was allegedly a victim of a [guess what?] pedophilia ring that reached high up into the Scottish establishment. The story was quickly buried although it sparked much interest when it first broke. Here is an article regarding this story. Doing some simple research yourself may also prove to be quite enlightening.

Another case that is interesting is the Finders Cult. Read the article, and note that the CIA stepped in to disrupt further investigation.

[The image is cut off, so right click on it and then click "view image"]

Former FBI Ted Gunderson is convinced that the elites conduct "satanic ritualized child abuse," and that the CIA is involved in the "international trafficking of drugs and children." You can watch his testimony/lecture and decide for yourself his credibility:

Corruption in Child Protective Services:

Sen. Nancy Schaefer exposes the CPS:

Here is a woman who makes some interesting points that connects everything together.

Senator Nancy Schaefer dead March 2010 from alleged murder-suicide? There were also rumors that she was planning on releasing/revealing information to expose a pedophilia ring amongst the elites.

Just some food for thought.

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