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New World Order #4: The Elite and the Occult

Just like before, suspend your disbelief, research anything that doesn't seem right, and feel free to comment or negate anything that I say. The next installment will either be an introduction to conspiracy theories with a focus on 9/11 or part2 of the Mystery Schools. This is an important section to help you see this piece of the puzzle. Free your mind.

For anyone who has done a drop of research into the elites who run the world, they will undoubtedly find that the elites are intrinsically tied to the occult. Please note that the term "occult" does not necessarily mean "satanic", but rather "hidden." This writing will only scratch the surface.

Consider this statue of George Washington, from the Smithsonian Museum.

To the "profane" viewer, this statue does not seem out of the ordinary, save for his awkward, half-naked pose. Note that the right arm is raised while the left arm is extended outward with the palm up.

Now consider this, the occult god/demon Baphomet, or the Goat of Mendes. Note that Baphomet is of unknown origin, and is not Satan or Lucifer [as many attempt to suggest], but is first documented in the beginning of the 14th century as an idol of the Knights Templar during their trials. Baphomet has long been associated with magic [will expand on this later].

On the arms of Baphomet are inscribed the latin words "solve" and "coaglia", meaning "dissolve" and "congeal" respectively. This is fairly reminiscent to the "Ordo Ab Chao" motto associated with Freemasonry. Order from Chaos; Order out of Chaos. By engineering chaos, the masses will demand order, and they will offer their version of order [New World Order] as the solution, which was the plan all along.

Washington was known to be a Freemason. In fact, you can find many portraits of him in masonic poses as well as bearing masonic symbols, i.e. one portrait depicts him standing beneath the masonic 'G' wearing an apron showing the checkerboard floor and pillars.

Now consider this guy, whom you have probably not heard of. His name is Albert Pike, and is the only confederate officer to have a statue erect in his honor in Washington DC.

Albert Pike was a 33rd degree Freemason and was in fact the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite's Southern Jurisdiction for a total of 32 years, up until his death. Many a tome was written by this man, and one of his great works is entitled Morals and Dogma.

In it he wrote of Masonry:
"Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, Hermeticism and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be misled; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it....

The truth must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason…"
Morals and Dogma pg. 104

However, in the the same book he writes:
"Lucifer, the Light Bearer! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the Son of the Morning! Is it he who bears the Light and with its splendors intolerable blinds feeble, sensual or selfish Souls? Doubt it not!"
Morals and Dogma pg. 321

Interesting page number eh? It symbolizes creation backwards. One is the Monad, the First and Cause of all Causes. Two is the Duad, symbolizing duality, the partition of the universe into two parts, light vs. darkness, good vs. evil, neither can exist without the other, and Three is the number of existence, it is the Monad and the Duad together. Three is the number of points/sides to form the first polygon - the triangle.

The question is, why would a statue be erected for this man, a self-professed luciferian, in Washington DC, who did little for the US? Obviously, he was thought highly of by the elites, who had the resources to build for him a statue in the capital city. But why?

This is because to the elite occultists, Lucifer, the Son of the Morning, is a benevolent force. In their belief, when man was in the garden of Eden, he was kept in the darkness of ignorance by a malevolent god, and it was Lucifer who came in the form of a snake to bestow upon man the knowledge of good and evil so that one day man can become like gods. Note that Lucifer is not their god. The One-Eye is.

The symbols of the occult religion of the elites are everywhere. Again, the elites are not satanic, but partake in the mystery cult of the sun. Their rituals are misinterpreted as "satanic." To the occultist, Satan is the opposite of god, or the lack of god; Satan is atheism. One recurrent occult symbol of the elite is the OBELISK. It is everywhere. Obelisks are symbolic of the phallus, Osiris, and the SUN.

Often the base of the obelisk is contained within a circle.

This is to symbolize the union of the penis and the vagina. Why is this pagan symbol of intercourse dedicated to the SUN standing in the middle of the Vatican??

Another recurrent symbol that is less heard of is the owl.

This symbol has gained prominence today as a symbol of wisdom, for the owl can see at night, through the darkness of ignorance. The owl is also associated with wisdom because it can turn its head more than 180 degrees; the owl sees all. Remember NCWISEOWL?

Here is a pretty well known Tootsie Roll Pop commercial, featuring an owl.

The kid, after questioning Mr. Turtle to no avail, goes to Mr. Owl and asks him how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. The owl replies, "a one, a tehoooo, three!"
This is a clear reference to Tehuti, aka Thoth [Egypt], aka Hermes Trismegistus [The Thrice Greatest; Greece], aka the First Intelligencer.

In his Secret Teachings of All Ages, Manly P Hall writes,
"Among the arts and sciences which it is affirmed Hermes revealed to mankind were medicine, chemistry, law, arc, astrology, music, rhetoric, Magic, philosophy, geography, mathematics (especially geometry), anatomy, and oratory."

Frank Barrett writes of Hermes in his The Magus,
"because he was the first intelligencer who communicated celestial and divine knowledge to mankind by writing."

The ibis was the symbol of wisdom in ancient egypt, as Thoth [Tehuti] was the Ibis-headed Scribe of the gods, the ibis represented DIVINE WISDOM. When it tucked its head under its wing, its body resembled a human heart. The ibis was held in such esteem in ancient Egypt that it was a crime punishable by death to kill one, even on accident.

You see the OWL is a darker symbol, associated with OCCULT/MAGICAL WISDOM, as it is a creature of the night. It is in opposition to the type of wisdom symbolized by the ibis. The symbol of the owl has come to replace the ibis today, and as you can see, it is embedded subliminally in the media, such as the tootsie roll commercial, where the owl makes the reference to Tehuti, subtly replacing it in symbolic concept [the owl is taking the "Tehuti role?"].

The owl is the symbol of the Bohemian Club

Here is a news report about the Bohemian Club and Bohemian Grove and its secrecy from the 1980s.

At Bohemian Grove, elites gather to participate in secret occult rituals. One of the rituals called the Cremation of Care had been exposed and captured on camera only a few years ago. During this ritual, an effigy of a child is burned in front of a giant owl statue as elites dressed in white and red robes stand by pyres of fire. This is accompanied by a sound of screaming [in pain]. After being exposed, they contend that no children were actually hurt.

Interestingly, Ted Gunderson, a retired high level FBI agent, asserts that elite members of the government/institutions participate in what he believes to be "satanic cults" that conduct ritualistic sexual child abuse/sacrifice. He had dedicated his life since 1980 to exposing this. Look for his lectures on google video/youtube, but he had been integral parts to many investigations as well. It is worth noting that over 2000 children go missing in the US everyday, and only a FRACTION is ever found. This is a rate of 1.5 kids per minute.

Gunderson worked valiantly to expose these cults, which he at first believed to be unrelated. One cult he had helped to expose was known as the Finders, which participated in such ritual child sexual abuse/sacrifice/mind control.

A New York Times article, dated February 8th, 1987 reads:
"He was referring to members of a cult known as the Finders, who have occupied at least two buildings here.
Detectives in the investigation said the review would require the weekend at least. The detectives said that they had begun to doubt that child pornography was involved. However, he said that the evidence indicated that children were involved in rituals. They declined to comment on reports that the Finders were worshipers of the devil."

"A photo album contained a series of photos of adults and children dressed in white sheets participating in a blood ritual. The ritual centered around the execution of at least two goats. The photos portrayed the execution, disembowelment, skinning and dismemberment of the goats at the hands of the children. This included the removal of the testes of a male goat, the discovery of a female goat's "womb" and the "baby goats" inside the womb, and the presentation of the goat's head to one of the children."

The following is a US News article from the week of December 27th 1990-January 3rd 1991 discussing the mysterious nature of the case [THE CHARGES WERE DROPPED!!!] as well as the connections between the Finders and the CIA.

Larger version:

Another noteworthy investigation was the case of McMartin Preschool, in which hundreds of preschool aged children were subjected to ritualistic sexual abuse, over a period of many years. This case occupied headlines for much of the 1980s, you can read the basic facts about this case on wikipedia, but this was very much covered up by the CIA front organization called False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Many of its original founders, i.e. Martin T. Orne [a senior CIA researchers.], were directly related to the CIA. Their purpose was to assert that much of the abuse was the result of "false memories" that did not occur, and to defame and ridicule victims as well as supporters of the "ritual abuse" theory.

These are just a couple cases, it is up to you to find out more, as there is plenty more out there, but this writing is getting to long. Long story short, by digging deeper, Gunderson found that all of these "cult activities" have direct links to the CIA. All of these cases were subjected to obvious, yet successful coverup.

As he dug further, Gunderson himself came under fire, as with all who research into "black subjects" and gain prominence. He had survived six assassination attempts. Then, he was subject to character assassination and ridicule and lost almost everything that he had.

This concludes this writing on the elite and the occult. Hopefully, you have enjoyed the lengthy read, and the pieces to the puzzle are becoming ever clearer. There will be more on this subject in a later installment, as this only scratches the surface. Peace!


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Great stuff! I really can't wait for your next post.

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Hey! Thank you very much for reading.

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About Morals and Dogma: moreover, after pg. 321 comes 322, which equal seven. The entire page is related to that number and philosophy behind it. Also "322" is the number of the Skull and Bones. And as read, perhaps that seemingly arcane number is directly related to page 322 in Morals and Dogma, and is a guideline to those who are a part of that Yale secret society.

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Wow...i really got fascinated about this, i never liked reading before but this is just too much and too exciting. I told my friend about your blog and she really got intrested also. by the way, the camps you've mentioned, it kind of a recap of ww2. The germans were desperate so they voted for hitler and so on, we're practically facing the same thing now. Economy crisis, people are desperate and would listen to anything the government says. Maybe this can lead to a ww3, who knows, all of this is scary to read but i think everybody have the rights to know about it.

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